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Top 30 Electron Pick Up lines

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  1. Do you have 11 electrons?

    Then why you're sodium fine

  2. Girl, you must be an electron because you electrify me.

  3. I'm willing to absorb your Electron if that's going to make you feel more Positive.

  4. I'd like to inject some electrons into your storage ring, baby.

  5. When ever I see you my electrons enter the excited state.

  6. You can share electron to me, and i will fully occupied.

  7. If I was an electron, I would be in a higher energy level. Because you got me excited.

  8. Hey are you an electron?

    Because i'm positive that we will get attracted to each other.

  9. Tinder + Bioengineers

    (if you know anymore good ones please let me know, this is the only thing getting me through classes)

    If i had to choose between DNA and RNA I'd choose RNA because it has U in it.

    I wish I were Adenine so I could be paired with U.

    If you were a single strand of DNA i'd follow polymerase so I could be your compliment.

    If you were a strand of DNA I'd be your transcription factor so I could help you unwind.

    You be GFP and I'll come at you at 395 nm and we'll see how excited we can get.

    You be graphite and I'll be an electron and move freely through your sheets.

    If you were a ligand, I'd be your receptir going through up regulation because my affinity for you is increasing.

    My transcription domains wants to work on your Leucine Zipper.

    We can be like hydrogen and bond between some Beta Sheets.

    Like RNA polymerase I've been waiting for you.

    I hope Rho protein is missing because I don't want this to terminate.

    Rho protein or not, I'll work like a TATA box to always get you going.

    Are you a sodium channel? because you get me excited.

  10. You are the Electrons to my Valance Shell

    You keep me stable

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Funny electron pickup lines

Hey baby are you an electron-proton pair?
Because you're attractive ;)

I'm more attracted to you then F is attracted to an electron.

Are you an Electronic DJ...

Because I want you to drop your bass in my face.

Physics/Chemistry One Here

Are you radiation? Cos you make me excited.


Are you an electron? Cos I want to excite you

It's true that opposites attract. We're like an electron and a proton, we come together and now we're stable... and steady!

Hey babe are you a p type semiconductor

Cuz I'd like to fill your holes with electrons from my n type semiconductor

Are you an 30 Inch Smart Slide-in Gas Range with 6 Sealed, Burners, Griddle, Double Ovens, Convection, Delay Bake, Self-Cleaning Mode, ADA Compliant, Electronic Ignition, Star K Certified, Convection Mode, Connects With Amazon Alexa, Connects with Google Assistant in Stainless Steel?
Because you’re really hot and smart

If people were electronic mail...

You would definitely be hotmail.

You be Flourine and I'll be Francium and maybe later I can give you an electron 

Im more attracted to you then F is attracted to an electron.

You are the photon to my photosystem: you excite my electron until I reach my reaction centre.

You're a photo quanta to my valence electron - you excite me to another level.

Biochemistry Major: Can I be the phasor to your electron and take you to an excited state?

So do you file electronically around here often?

Can I be the phasor to your electron and take you to an excited state? 

Baby you give my electrons a positive charge 

Hey girl, did we just share electrons? Because I'm feeling a covalent bond between us.

I'd be the photon to your electron and take you to an excited state. 

My bond length might be short, but it can still give you some "electron density" 

You are a photon quanta to my valence electron because you excite me to a higher energy level.