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Following is our collection of Flirty chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include pickup lines, comebacks, and hugot lines that actually works like the best Tinder openers.

  1. Well, I may not be good at dancing but....

    Complete this pickup line. i chick i've been chatting with likes to dance and goes to classes for the same. i want it to be a little flirty and clever but nothing comes to mind except telling you a nice flirty jokes

  2. They say you have a hard time flirting with someone you like

    With that said, I'm blanking on my pickup line. Flirty

  3. Are you my best friend?

    Because I really like you a lot and I don't know how to tell you and Everytime I try to flirt with you you just brush it off laugh and tell me I'm so stupid when all I wanna do is cradle you in my arms as we travel to different places and eventually settle down and build a family together cause I wanna show you off to my family and you keep talking to all these boys that mistreat you.
    Flirty one

  4. 8 Flirty Lines Women Want To Hear From YOU

    Eight Lines Ladies Want To Hear From You
    Here are some more straightforward openers for the slightly faint-of-heart:
    • Do you mind if I flirt with you for awhile?
    • Excuse me, I think it's time we met.
    • So, do you know any good pick-up lines?
    • Why do you look so unhappy (or bored)?
    • How hard would it be to talk you into dancing with me?
    • You look like you could use some company.
    • Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?
    • You are too beautiful for me not to talk to.
    The lines might be fun to try — say, on a bet — but any canned come-on should be a last resort if your hope is to start a relationship beyond a one-night stand, says relationship coach Toni Coleman, a relationship coach in McLean, Va. "When we think of a line, right away we think insincere, canned, something that's used on everybody," Coleman explains — and that's a far cry from the special way we want to feel.
    A compliment on a woman's smile or her clothes might be all it takes to win her heart, says Coleman, or try a time-tested opener of the simplest kind: "Hi, how are you?" or "Hi, my name is ..."

  5. I think I got some sun today

    Wanna compare tan lines later tonight?

    Flirty line

  6. *men* picking up woman on the street

    Ok boys, so here the story...i was walking down the street during the day...this guy behind me walks fast to come up to me and says "excuse me miss,can i ask you a question, do you know how beautiful you are"? he looked into my eyes very seriously and deeply with a flirty heres were im confused he kept walking and just looked forward and didnt continue to make left wondering was this guy just tryna make a ladies day? or was this a genuine pick up?

  7. Woman of my dreams texted me first. Help?

    So basically I’m a small time YouTube and I promoted my video on my Instagram story. She saw that story and replied to me about it saying “it was so funny lol”. What’s something good and flirty I can say back to her?

  8. How to save the day

    Is there a flirty message I can write to a girl who didn't answer my poor message: Why did you cancel our tinder match? I was so happy about it.

  9. So apart from being Gorgeous What do you do? Flirty

    So this works out for me. First i message that you have beautiful eyes or smile then when she says thank you say

    So apart from being Gorgeous What do you do? \*.\* to start your flirting.

  10. (She asks you the time) Its two flirty and the date's with you and me.

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