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Top 12 Silly Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth Silly chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include killer conversation starters and useful comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work as best Tinder openers.

  1. You make my dopamine levels go all silly.

  2. Her: why are you sad?

    Me: I just found out the world is flat

    Her: no it isn’t, silly

    Me: you are my world

  3. Girl you remind me of the 20 letters of the alphabet

    Girl: aren't there 26 letters
    Boy:How could i forget the, u r a q t
    Girl: that's still 25
    Boy: silly me, you can get the D later

  4. An interesting title

    Girl are you mario
    Cos I want you to jump on my pipe

    Credit to:@the_silly_salmon

  5. Something cute or stupid for Abby Grace?

    The girl I'm talking to is out of town for work training and is hungover. Give me something silly to brighten her day please :)

  6. Hey, you make my amygdala go crazy averytime I see you

    Just a silly pickup line, I came with it in my psychology class :-)

  7. Him: If I can arrange the 25 letters in the alphabets, I would put U and I together....

    Her: Silly, there’s 26 letters in the alphabet...

    Him: Yea, don’t worry, I’ll give you the D later.

  8. Do you like honest guys?

    If so, I wack my Willy silly to anime girls. You wanna date?

  9. Are you into collecting?

    Because you look like a cum dumpster, you silly slam pig!

  10. You wanna know how to get any fucking girl ? Repeat my magic phrase

    My name is willy, and this may sounds silly, but I’m sellin chilli

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Damn Baby, you activate my HPA axis. You make my dopamine levels go all silly.

You make my dopamine levels all silly.