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Top 36 Weird Pick Up lines

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  1. Weird how your profile keeps popping up when i google best places to eat out

  2. Hey are you my appendix?

    Cuz I’m not completely sure how you work but I have this weird feeling in my gut that makes me wanna take you out.

  3. Hi. My name is Gregor Samsa. Woke up this morning and I was an insect! Weird, right!? You want a coffee?

  4. I may have a peg leg, but i won't be the only one walking weird tonight.

  5. How weird: I can’t taste my lips all of a sudden! Can you do it for me?

  6. That's weird. I forgot to make my wish at 11:11

    But I got the chance to talk to you, so it came true anyway

  7. What's the weirdes pick-up line you've ever used that succeeded?

    What's the weirdes pick-up line you've ever used that succeeded? I'll go first; ''What's the difference between you and an armadillo? I didn't jerk off to an armadillo five minutes ago.''

  8. Genie of the bottle

    So I was on a walk this morning and I came across this really weird looking old bottle. I opened it and this genie flew out. He told me I have one and only one wish. I didn’t wanna waste it so I asked for a priceless treasure. He smiled and gave me your number.

  9. Are you my appendix?

    Because I don't really understand how you work but there's this weird feeling in my stomach that kinda makes me want to take you out

  10. Maybe this sounds weird but you look like a punching bag

    Cause id love to knock you up

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I put the STD in Stud, all I need is U
I love coming up with weird pick-ups for my friends on tinder.

Girl, are you *Star Wars, Episode II: The Attack of the Clones*?

Because you might be a little weird and awkward and don't know what love is but.... *choking up* dammit, I think I love you! Just for being you!

Are you my house when it's raining?

Cause I wanna be inside you.


Yes I know it's weird but I'm qUiRcKy and she was too

Hey you have the same name as my sister

I Wanna fuck you so I can say my sisters name repeatedly while climaxing and it won’t be weird as weird as when I say it while fucking my mum

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This one is so weird, any ideas ?

Mmmm Girl your face looks like a burnt hamburger, all weird colors and bubbly shit mmm

You look kinda like my first wife

But that’s weird cos I’ve never been married (yet)

I need some creativity

I need a funny pickup line to tell this guy at school.
I want it to seem smooth and natural, like not too obvious, so if he reacts weird I can play it off

But if you got any other good ones, comment it my dudes

Guy asks girl: You're a-looking for mormon huh?
Girl responds: What? Weird question.
Guy says: Cuz I'm lookin for mor-women.

Did it hurt? When you fell out of the ethereal plane and landed on the material plane? I guess that wouldn’t hurt, really, but that must have been weird, right?

Wanna get weird after this?

So do you do all that weird breathing stuff?

weird pickup line
Working Weird tinder opener

Mardi Gras, baby. Time when all manner of weird shit cuts loose and parties down?

We are all a little weird and, life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

Is that Cupid in your pocket, or do you just have weirdly shaped pants?

There's a Burger King here? I heard their new fries are weird.

Oh wait I heard they were good. I don't remember. It was someone's Facebook status this week.

I like being weird and taking my time!

I might be having feelings. Like weird, weird feelings for pretzels.

Two things turn Shannon Beador on: Crystals and talking in the third person. Is that weird?

Going on a date with me is WAY better than eating a bag of those weird, chalky heart candies with sayings on them.

It's a weird life, but it's where I'm at right now.

You look great in those knee-high socks, they highlight your weird calves.

I saw weird stuff in that place last night. Weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff. And I want in.