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Top 50 Interesting Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey girl, do you have a bank loan?

    Coz I got an interest in you ;)

  2. Hey girl, are you a book about an interesting topic?

    Because I’d love to sit down with you and get to know you better with some coffee.

  3. Don't feel bad about going 5 under the speed limit

    I wouldn't want to damage your fine ass by going too fast either.

  4. Hey girl, are you a bank loan?

    Because you've got my interest.

  5. I want you to be the Katie Vick to my Kane!

  6. I'll go all in to get that jackpot.

  7. The deer is not the only one horny.

  8. How about we go to my garage and see what's under the hood.

  9. Damn girl, you must be my student loans

    Because my interest with you is sure on the rise!

  10. Come to this watering hole often?

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How about I shift my stick into something else...

Can you help me reconfigure my GPS system? I need directions to find my way into your heart.

Is that your belay device or are you just happy to see me?

My nuts would fit perfectly in your crack.

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Good thing I’ve got travel insurance, ’cause things are about to get wild.

I just built a climbing gym in my pants and would like to offer your a chance at a first ascent.

Want to play TSA agents and fondle my package?

Hey, how about give me some beta on how I could onsight your rack.

Hey I'm good ol' JR and I wanna be all up in your solar plexus.

Excuse me miss, can you check and see if I have a hook in my lip?

Do you like LEGO? 'cause I wanna build a world with you.

For a second there I thought I was fighting Steve Austin, because I'm looking at a stone cold stunner.

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Working Interesting tinder opener

Oh you dance? You wanna go do some contact improv in my bed?

Do you mind if I slip my rope under your route?

I don’t want to visit the touristy places. Wherever you go is beautiful enough for me.

I like things that puff besides my pufferfish.

Baby, I love the way your caudal moves.

Down for a little adventure?

With you, my interest rate is rising.

Hey girl, Can you show me how to fish?

You have really nice forearms.

I'm looking to lay more than brick tonight.

Can u lend me some kisses and hugs?

I'll return them with 100% interest.