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perfectly pick up line

I eat cats if you know what I mean.

Does your mom care that I'm in your boat?

Hey girl, if I were your vibrator

I'd rate your vibe 10/10

Hey girl, are you Planck's temperature?

Because you are absolute hot

You're such a nasty woman.. and I like it.

Watch me use my wood and put it in the hole.

You know what they say, a Walt in the streets means a Heisenberg in the sheets.

My love for you will withstand a nuclear explosion.

You must be from the Caribbean because Jamaican me crazy.

I need some help for my clan castle, may I request you?

You're a fine piece of acreage. Can I plough your land?

You don’t need a car to drive me crazy, restrictive abortion bills already do that.

Let's just get to the pointe, wanna go out sometime?

Um...if i told you that u had a hot body, would u take your pants off and dance around for me.

How important is having a big family too you?