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Daily pick up line about army

army pick up line

Hey babe, wanna come over to my place and compare prescription drug plans?

How about we go back to the Tardis and play doctor.

I’m not a numismatic...

But you’re looking like a dime.

Why don't we get together to discuss an Eastern European Partnership? Your Kremlin doesn't need to know.

Are you a homeotic gene, cause you're regulating my structural anatomy.

Are you Arsenal?

Cause you make me anna shoot my gun.

Pardon me, but my corset has come unlaced. Could you tighten it for me?

Are you an eraser?

Because you get rid of all my problems 🥺

I want to make you tremolo.

Your mouth seems like an orphanage. Can I put my kids in?

Clinical studies have shown that kiss kills. Wanna die happy?

Were your parents handicapped? Because you sure are special!

You work out really hard. Are you training for anything? I thought I'd come say hi. I couldn't do the workouts you do.

My coffin or yours?

I can also read something else besides books, your heart.