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Engaging and witty rizz lines for showing interest in someone. Some are playful but most are sweet and romantic. We only feature the best pick up lines for both men and women.

What is a pick up line (rizz lines) ?

A pick-up line is a conversational sentence used as an introduction in social situations for example at Tinder or Bumble chat. Pick-up lines serve to break the ice and require a response from the other person. They typically take the form of an ironic comment or flirty joke to impress the listener. If you're trying to start a conversation with someone you're interested in, pick up lines can be a great ice breaker. Check out our FAQ page for complete guide for pick-up lines. These spicy and often corny hook up lines can make the other person laugh and shows you're confident enough to have a bit of fun. Pick up lines range from silly to romantic love messages, offering something for every situation, whether you're hoping to make her laugh or make him blush over text. So if you're looking for a way to impress a girl, a pick up line may be just the thing you need!

Tips for using pick up lines

By following our tips, you can elevate your rizz skills and use it in your advantage. To make sure your conversation goes smoothly, avoid texts that are too cliché or cheesy. Instead, focus on presenting yourself authentically. Pay attention to the other person's response and adjust accordingly. Remember, timing is the key when it comes to pick up lines; choose the right moment to drop your lines and stay confident. With these tips, you can use pick up lines effectively and start a conversation in a natural and engaging way.

Daily pick up line about cinco de mayo

cinco de mayo pick up line

*girl caresses ur face”

“is this seat taken”

Hey girl, are you the coffee?

Coz you're the first thing that I want every morning.

When I say 'bitch',

I mean it as a compliment!

Are you using sexy jutsu?

or do you always look that good?

Hey, girl, did you practice karate?

Cause it really looks like your practice has paid off. Good form.

Am I block, and are you an enderman?

Because you picked me up right away!

Girl if you're Sun then I want to be Copernicus...

Cuz you're at the centre of my universe

Hey, are you an HTTP?

Because I feel insecure around you

If I could rearrange the alphabet

I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together

Ayy Gril, Are you a girl

Because you look like a girl

I am a vegan but I willing to make an exception.

Will you let me eat your meat?

You remind me of a guitar.

I want to grab you by the neck, throw you over my shoulder, and get my fingers all over that fretboard!

(might have to mime setting up your air guitar to not be too scary)

Are you a water bottle?

'Cause you're aquaFINEa

Looks like i am in range of your Hotspot,

So how about you give me access.

Can I call you my sin(π) 🥺?

Cos you mean Nothing to me