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14 Cytoskeleton Pick Up lines

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  1. Q: what're you going to be for Halloween? Her reply: some slutty version of someone, you? A: was thinking a cytoskeleton but I don't know if I can hold it all together.

  2. You must be a cytoskeletons since you give shape and rigidity.

  3. Babe, are you a mutation in the ACTB gene? Because you've got me actin crazy.

  4. Your hard candy shell makes you melt in my mouth not in my hand

  5. Girl, you got my microtubule turning into a macrotubule.

  6. I'm a ribosome and I'm looking for some mRNA to attach to.

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Call me a cytoskeleton because I'll provide you with all the support you need and cause some movement inside you

The mitochondria, much like my penis is the powerhouse of the cell

The biggest bone on my body you cant see on an xray but you can see it tonight if youre lucky

Let me filament your tubules, I'm gonna move inside you. Woah! no, not in a brownian way- unless you're into that

Hey, are you a membrane-associated cytoskeleton? Because I’m ready to support you with all my heart.

I'm an endoplasmic reticulum and I'm looking for some ribosomes to attach to.

Want to see my microtubule polymerize?

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