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Top 42 Menu Pick Up lines

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  1. Do you know what's on the menu?

    Me-n-u ;)

  2. Are you the new item on the McDonald's menu? The McNificent?

  3. You can’t spell menu

    Without me n u. so wsup, you hungry?

  4. Do you wanna got to a restaurant?

    You can't spell menu without me and you

  5. What’s better than a McDonalds menu

    Me ‘N U

  6. Hey girl, what's on the menu?



  7. You can't spell menu

    You can't spell menu without me n u so wassap baby

  8. Hey, are you in the mcdonalds menu?

    Because you are mcnificent

  9. Hey you know what my favorite thing on the menu is?

    Me - N - U ;)

  10. Are you a Menu?

    Cause all I want is Me n U

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You can’t spell menu without
(Me n U) so what’s up baby girl, you hungry?

You can't spell menu without

Me n u so let's get some food together

Are you an item on the McDonald’s menu

Cause you’re a McHottie

Do you like food?

Then we should go out to dinner because you can’t spell menu with me n u

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On a scale of 1 to 10...

"On a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you like glasses? Because if it's lower than a 7 I'll risk not being able to read a menu on a date just to impress you"

I'm a bit of a (total) dating noob and could use some insight on whether or not this is a good line! Girls are preferred as I'm a guy and would love to know what you think of it but I'll take opinions from anyone. For reference, I'm mostly using it on dating apps and I do have glasses although my eyesight isn't quite *that* bad, haha.

If you were an item on the McDonald’s menu you would be a McHottie.

Hey, guess what’s on the menu..

Me ‘n’ U

You can't spell menu

Without Me n u

So wassaaaaaaaaaa

I wanted to get something to eat

But it turns out there’s no menu without Me n u

(I saw this on insta today as just “can’t spell menu without me n u so wussup” but i wanted to try put a lik twist on it,

This is a bad one, but, here goes.

You can't spell menu without u n' me.

Hey, what's on the menu tonight?

It's just me and you.

Let's get dinner-

After all, can't spell menu without Me N U.

menu pickup line
Working Menu tinder opener

I hope you're not a picky eater

–'cause u can't spell menu without me n u so wassup baby lawlz.

Are you an orc?

Cause looks like meats on the menu boys!

What’s your menu for berbuka?


What is your menu for berbuka ?

Me N U

For them waiters and waitresses

*after they bring the dessert menu”

“Hey excuse me, there’s something wrong with my menu”

“I’m sorry, what seems to be the problem”

“I don’t see you on here”

Wanna know what’s on the menu?

Me n U

If you were in McDonalds menu, you’d be McBeautiful.

At Running Back: Is his face on the McDonalds menu? Cause I'm lovin it.

Know what's on the menu? Me-n-u. I just wanted to know if you enjoy playing Madden NFL 25 on Playstation 4 because if so, we could be teammates.

Say girl, looks like meats back on the menu.

Tonight's menu: Chocolate, candy hearts and you.