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Top 26 Astronaut Pick Up lines

Are you an Astronaut or wanting to pick up an Astronaut? Use these astronaut related pick up lines to help you land on the right planet. These pick up lines feature common astronaut themes like space and space travel, rocket, stars, and more!

  1. I am a astronaut

    Because I am going to Uranus

  2. I wonder why astronauts go to space to look at the world.

    I can see it by just looking at you.

  3. I wonder why astronauts need to go to space just to see the world cuz I can see mine just while looking at you.

  4. I want to become an Astronaut…

    …So I can see the rings around Uranus

  5. Hold up girl lemme wear my astronaut suit

    Cause you're shining like a star

  6. Do you work for NASA? Because you’re out of this world. Is your dad an astronaut? Because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

astronaut pickup line
What is a Astronaut pickup line?

Working short astronaut pickup lines to impress a girl

If I were an astronaut

I'd invade Uranus and destroy your assmosphere

Are you an astronaut? Because I really wanna explore Uranus.

Girl, you sure make me wanna become an astronaut

'Cuz I wanna go and dive straight into Uranus

Is your Dad an astronaut? Because someone took the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

astronaut pickup line
This is a funny Astronaut pickup line!

Hey girl do you like astronauts?

Because I want to explore your Milky Way.

Hey, are you the ocean?
Cause I feel like an astronaut

Hey girl, are your parents astronauts?

I wonder how did they get that beautiful star right here

astronaut Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Guess what I'll become an Astronaut

So that I could explore U(r)a**...!

Girl, I think I've discovered what we both want to be together.

A rocket scientist and an astronaut.

What you do is hard and you get me up there, but I think we both need space.

Hello! I’m an astronaut
And my next mission is to explore uranus

I can't wait to become an astronaut!

So i can explore your heavenly body

I wanna be an astronaut when I grow up

Because I get a higher chance of exporing Uranus

I wanted to become an astronaut

But that would mean leaving both of my worlds

astronaut pickup line
Working Astronaut tinder opener

I know I'm not an astronaut...

But I'd love to visit uranus

astronaut Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

Is your daddy an astronaut? Girl:no then how did you get those stars in your eyes

Q: How do astronauts eat their ice creams? A: In floats!

Is your dad an astronaut? Because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

Hi. I'm an astronaut, and my next mission is to explore Uranus.

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