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  1. You’re a work of art.

    Let me nail you against a wall.

  2. You know, I've always found bruised legs, short nails and three days without a shower dead sexy.

  3. Nail me with your cross.

  4. May I dig my nails into your back?

  5. Call me the Yellow Eye Demon but I would nail you to the ceiling and light a fire.

  6. Is your name Piccolo? Because I wanna Nail you.

  7. With that smile, you could nail Lucifer to the cross.

  8. I'll treat you like Jesus, nail you and let you hang around for a while.

  9. Are you related to Jesus? Because you're pretty good with getting nailed.

  10. Hey girl, you got any nail polish remover?

    Cause dat ass, it toned

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The name's Hammer
Wanna get nailed?

You're equivalent to Jesus.

You're all I get on my knees for, and you're definitely getting nailed.

Do you want to play carpenter?

We can get hammered and ill nail you!

Hey do you want to do some role play?

I'll be the hammer and you be the nail

Two things you need to know about me:

1. I am hung over.

2. Many times I like to say the word "over" for no reason.

BOOM! Nailed it!!

You look like a piece if art!

Because I'd nail you against my wall

Ayy girl, are you a pagan?
'Cause I want to satur-*nail-ya*

Are you a nail?

Because I’d like to pound you in all the wrong places.

Girl, are you Pontius Pilate?

Because I'll rise if you nail me.

Hey baby, are you a nail?

Because I wanna smash you with my hammer.

Hey girl are you a board

Because I want to get you hammered and nail you.

Are you a block of wood?

Cause I want to nail you

I hope you dont have tetnus cause tonight you're gonna nail me.

Are you Jesus?

Coz i wanna nail you SO bad

Are you the 95 Thesis?

Cause I wanna nail you against a church door

Are you a Degenerate

Because I can't wait to nail you to a cross

I'm hung like Jesus, so why don't you nail me?

Hey girl, are you Jesus Christ?

Because I wanna nail you

Are you jesus ?

Cuz i want to nail the shit out of you...

Shall we play the carpenter game?

We'll get hammered then I'll nail ya

"Are you the 95 theses?

Because I want to nail you against the door of a church"

If you were a painting

I'd hold you up against the wall and nail you to it

You should stop committing treason against the Emperor...unless you wanna get nailed.

You’re a carpenter’s wet dream–flat as a board and easy to nail.

Wanna play carpenter? First we get hammered, then ill nail you!