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Top 50 Fingers Pick Up lines

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  1. Roses are red

    Violets are blue
    I have five fingers
    But tonight you'll get two

  2. Imma treat you like gollum treats the ring...

    Worship you quietly and finger you all day

  3. Hey beautiful, are you KFC?

    Because you look finger lickin’ good

  4. Do you work at KFC?

    Cause you're finger licking good!

  5. Are you a bowling ball

    Because i wanna stick my fingers in all 3 holes

  6. Guitarists finger faster, you know.

  7. You only need to use two fingers on my trackpad!

  8. I can help you.

    I have fingers.

  9. I don't rate the iPhone. The touchscreen buttons are too small. But you know what they say about guys with big fingers.

  10. You must be Frodo... Because I’m the one for you, and you’ve got me wrapped around your finger.

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Funny fingers pickup lines

I don’t use my fingers only for thousand years of pain.

Let's put a rock on your finger.

I admire your fingering abilities, maybe later you could test them out on my instrument.

Hey babe wanna play with my foam finger?

fingers pickup line
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Bow ties may be cool, but I think you're cooler. I swear it on fish fingers and custard.

Do you want to do some finger warm ups?

Hi there. Wanna use your fingers to enlarge my pixel size?

Excuse me. I forgot to bring my rosary. May I use your fingers?

Hey baby... you know, pianists do it with ten fingers.

Can a doctor sue me for breaking his finger during a prostate exam?

Do you mind helping me work on my fingerings?

Depressing pickup lines.

Are you suicide? Because I think about you every day.

Are you a toaster? Because I really want to take a bath with you.

Are you a noose? Because I really want to hang with you.

Are you a gravestone? Because I really wish you were on top of me.

Are you anti-depressants? Because if I don’t have you every day I’m going to kill myself.

Are you a coffin? Because I really wish I was inside you right now.

Are you a coroner? Because I really want you to inspect my body.

Are you a death certificate? Because I really wish you were mine.

Are you an electrical outlet? Because I really want to stick my fingers in you.

Are you traffic? Because running into you would really make my day.

Are you a sinking ship? Because I’d really like to go down on you.

fingers pickup line
Working Fingers tinder opener

I don't only use the fingers to do the 1000 Years of Pain. If you know what I mean.

I like the way you finger that crack.

You're so hot, I need to put this ring around your finger to safe Middle-earth.

Do you like ice cream? I like my ice cream like I like my women.

Dripping down my fingers while I lick them.

With my strong hands and fingers, I can give shoulder and back massages all night long, baby.

Girl are you a booger?

Because I wanna finger you then eat you

Saxophonists do it wish alternate fingering.

Come here! *Moving his index finder* *Girl moves towards speaker*. See how i made you come with one finger?

Imagine what i can do with two!

Are you a cheeto?

Cause I'd love to lick you off my fingers.

Are you a bowling ball?

Because I want to put my fingers in your holes.

Lets go into the practice room and work on our tonguing, fingering and lip slurs.