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Top 25 Digits Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Digits pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. Be honest...without Googling, how many digits of Pi can you recite?

  2. Let me show you how two digits can make a difference.

  3. Knock Knock Who's there? Honey bee!

    Honey bee who? Honey bee a doll and give me dem digits. 

  4. How do I know many hundreds of digits of pi greek and not the 7 digits of your phone number?

  5. Yo girl, let me get the 10 significant digits that will connect me to you.

  6. How can I know so many hundreds of digits of pi and not the 10 digits of your phone number?

  7. So uh, I have this fascination with numbers

    Specifically one's with 10 digits. Do you think I could have yours?

  8. You shall not pass without giving me those digits.

  9. Can I have your phone number so I can protect your digits from the cold?

  10. Girl, I'd burn up a star for opportunity to call you. How about them digits?

digits pickup line
What is a Digits pickup line?

Funny digits pickup lines

What’s your favorite ten digit number?
You can fill in the blank (_ _ _) _ _ _-_ _ _ _

Him: “Hey girl I’m bout to win the lottery.” Her: “How?”

Your seven digits right now

Can I get your significant digits?

Clever way to get her phone number

Say you are going to perform a magic trick to victim.
Ask said person to write down their phone number on a piece of paper, but say you don't need the paper.
Ask them to add up all the digits of their phone number **excluding** the middle two.
Say something about how phone numbers are not entirely random, and that the middle two digits mostly **(say this exactly "in 99.9999% of cases this works")** formed from the addition of all the other digits divided by two + a special number that only you know, ask them for the addition number, then guess a random number. When it turns out to be wrong, ask for the sheet to check they did the maths right. Then turn to them and say, **"huh, I guess you are just a one in a million kinda guy/girl"**

digits pickup line
This is a funny Digits pickup line!

Hey girl it seems i’m missing a couple digits...

any chance i could get yours

Truth or dare
You: “truth or dare”

Them: “dare”

You: I dare you to give me your digits

If they pick truth

Them: “truth”

You: “what are your digits”

I want you to decribe you cell number to me.

But u can only use digits

Let me get those ten digits and ill fire for effect

Physics Major: Can I have your significant digits?

I'd climb the entire wall just to get your digits, girl!

How can i know so many hundreds of digits of pi and not the 7 digits of your phone number?

Can I have your significant digits?

digits pickup line
Working Digits tinder opener

Excuse me, ma'am, but can I get your seven significant digits?