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Top 50 Letters Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you five random letters?

    Because U R A Q T

  2. If you rearrange the letters in coronavirus you get carnivorous

    Which makes sense because I wanna spend 14 days in quarantine eating you out

  3. The only missing letters my valentine poem are U&I.

  4. If I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet, I'd put E and U together.

  5. Your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

  6. If I were a letter in the alphabet I'd be a Q,

    Because I always want to be next to U.

  7. Did you know there are only 20 letters in the alphabet?

    "no there is 26"

    "oh I forgot U R A Q T"

    "That's still only 25?!?"

    "dont worry you'll get the D later"

  8. I know 25 letters...

    To get the full set I just need to know U.

  9. If I could rearrange the alphabet...

    I'd put U and I a few letters apart. Because I still want you to have your space.

  10. You remind me of 20 letters of alphabets ,

    She : there are 26 letters.

    How can I forgot u-r-a-q-t.

    she: they only 25.

    You can get the D later.

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Funny letters pickup lines

Uhhhh, no, I didn't play football in high school but I did letter in varsity volleyball and tennis.

My two favorite letters of the alphabet E Z.

You know that some letters are beautiful?

Yeah, U R.

Are you the last 3 letters of ordinarily?

Cause ily :)

letters pickup line
This is a funny Letters pickup line!

Do you know your ABC's? Cause I wanna give you the 4th letter of the alphabet.

You remind me of my favorite letters in the alphabet.

4 letters to represent you:

A for Amazing
B for Beautiful
C for Caring
What about the D?
Oh, I’ll give you the D later

If you were two letters of the alphabet

You would be a Q...............T

Wanna know my favorite letters of the alphabet

U R A Q T & D N U

If I was a letter I'ld be Q

Because I'll always come before U

You remind me of the 20 letters of the alphabet.

Them: theres 26
you: oh, sorry. i forgot that U R A Q T
them: theres 1 more!
you: dont worry. you can get this D later (;

You remind me of 20 letters of the Alphabet

;There’s 26 letters
:Silly me how could I forget that U R A QT
;That’s only 25
:You’ll get the D later

letters pickup line
Working Letters tinder opener

Dang, I know every letter in the alphabet…

I just wish that I know u

My favourite letters of the russian alphabet are Ю and Я.

I managed to copywrite some letters of the alphabet...

I'd totally lose an "I" to get "U"

Me: You remind me of the 21 letters of the alphabet...

You: But there are 26 letters in the alphabet. You’re missing 5!

Me: Oh, excuse me. I forgot U R A Q T...

Are u the letters Z,X, and Y?

Cuz ur zxy (zexy)




A variation of one from the 4chan post a year ago

You: There are 20 letters of the alphabet, right?

Her: Nope there are 26.

You: Oh I must have forgoten U R A Q T.

Her: That only makes 25 letters.

You: You'll get the D later.

Does the Alphabet have 20 letters?

Them: No

Oh, yeah, I forgot U R A Q T

Them: That's 25 there's 26

Oh, you'll get the D later

Hey girl are you tax letters?

Because I want you to keep me up all night

Rearranging the alphabet

If I could rearrange the alphabet, do you know what letters I'd put together? -

A: I P N U

You can't spell quarantine like that!

You are missing the letters U-R-A-Q-T

There are only 24 letters in my alphabet...

"All I'm missing is 'U'!"

If they don't correct you and say that that only makes 25 letters, they aren't worth your time, give up. If they do notice...
"Don't worry, you'll get the 'D' later"