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Top 50 Death Pick Up lines

Use these funny and cheesy death pick up lines to help you pick up men or women at a funeral or graveyard. These death related pick up lines are perfect for Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos. Please note that these pick up lines are funny and flirty, they are not meant to be too morbid or too sad.

  1. Are you a death certificate?

    Because I’d die to have you

  2. Hey girl, are you death?

    Because I hope you come for me soon

  3. You have a killer body

    And here I am with a death wish.

  4. Death is so final. Whereas life, ah, life is so full of possibilities.

  5. Girl you must be an angel, because I want to get into a giant mech suit and fight you to the death to protect Earth.

  6. Can our gay love pierce through the veil of death and save the day? Let's find out.

  7. I'm a Death Knight, and the way you walked by me must made my Blood Boil in awe.

  8. Depressing pickup lines.

    Are you suicide? Because I think about you every day.

    Are you a toaster? Because I really want to take a bath with you.

    Are you a noose? Because I really want to hang with you.

    Are you a gravestone? Because I really wish you were on top of me.

    Are you anti-depressants? Because if I don’t have you every day I’m going to kill myself.

    Are you a coffin? Because I really wish I was inside you right now.

    Are you a coroner? Because I really want you to inspect my body.

    Are you a death certificate? Because I really wish you were mine.

    Are you an electrical outlet? Because I really want to stick my fingers in you.

    Are you traffic? Because running into you would really make my day.

    Are you a sinking ship? Because I’d really like to go down on you.

  9. Are you a death note?

    Cause you made my ️

  10. Hey girl are you the death star?

    Because I wanna shoot my photon torpedo into your thermal exhaust port

death pickup line
What is a Death pickup line?

Working death pickup lines

Are you a tribute? Cuz you been running through my arena of death all day.

There Are Fates Worse Than Death! Life without you.

Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered. Your time is short.

Did you know the French say o**... are like little death stars?

death pickup line
This is a funny Death pickup line!

Are you Death?

Because I want you to take me.

Hey baby are you death? Cause I'm just waiting for you to cum.

If I had access to the death star...

The first thing I would do is destroy Uranus

Not even death can save you from me.

I'll hang your wetsuit out to dry till death do us part.

That’s a nice dress. It’ll look even better when it’s slowly decaying beneath the earth since each moment brings everything one step closer to death.

Are u tryna suffocate me to death?

Coz ur beauty is breathtaking

I’m a lot like The Death Star

Because I could destroy Uranus

death pickup line
Working Death tinder opener

Are you my grandmother burning herself to death?

Cause you light up my world.

Are you death because im so EMO?

Damn girl are you death ???

Cause i can’t stop thinking about you.

A night with me will be the Death to your Purity.

If being sexy was a crime, you'd be unfairly charged, put on death row, and saved at the last minute because I never gave up on you.

Ay gurl, ima use 1000 years of death on you in bed.

If being beautiful was a crime

You would be on death row

If being cute was a crime...

You’d be on death row.

Are you jesus?

Cuz I wanna nail you to death

Are you on death row?

Because I want to give you a lethal injection

You stole my heart like the rebellion stole the Death Star plans.