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Top 50 Life Pick Up lines

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  1. They forgot to put your name on the periodic table

    Cos you're one of the elements that make up my life.

  2. Hey i was just planning my future and i was wondering...

    Are u free for da rest of your life 🥰

  3. Is your heart a prison?

    Cause I would like to be sentenced for life.

  4. I was thinking about my future, and I was wondering.

    Are you free for the rest of your life?

  5. Life without you is like coding while Github is down

    All i can commit is suicide.

  6. Many people will come into my life

    But I only want you to come inside me

  7. Are you lapis lazuli

    Cause I could use you to enchant my life

  8. Roses are red, violets are blue

    I'd rather live a lie than a life without you.

  9. Hey girl wanna go out with me

    Or do you wanna stay in that cellar for the rest of your life?

  10. Hey girl, are you mentally disabled?

    Because I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of you.

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Funny life pickup lines

Girl, don't you feel bad for looking prettier than the bride?

Are you my dad?

Cuz you’re the only thing missing from my life

I heard you wanted some spice in your life, should I cum-in?

Are you a pen?

Because I want to write my life's story with you

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I have a little blue pill, and it has your name all over it.

One game of penochle and your desitin kiss is mine.

I want to actively listen to your life story.

Are you a magician? Because every time I look into your eyes, everyone else suddenly disappears.

I might be wasted tonight, but the condom in my purse doesn’t have to be.

This cold ain't as infectious as your smile.

Screw me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we met before?

Come on baby girl don't let your imaginary friends ruin your kiss life...

life pickup line
Working Life tinder opener

Girl, you so fine I will Retweet your life.

Life is dangerous.. Sleep with a doctor!

Do you like flowers because I can see a flower just by looking at you.

Are you feeling a little down? I can help feel you up.

Girl, is your name May? Cause, May i be your Imam?

Hello, my name is Will.

As in, I'm Gods will for your life.

Some scientists classify me as "vulgaris", but I'm really sweet once you get to know me.

I'll give you life if you be my Candy Crush.

Excuse me, Hi, i'm writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and i was wondering if i could interview you...

Didn't I see you on the cover of Marine Biology Monthly?

You may have spent the last two months looking for me, but I have spent my entire life looking for you.