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Top 50 physics Pick Up lines

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  1. I don't need a transducer because I know you're hot!

  2. Neutrinos might have the mass, but I've got the length.

  3. Copernicus was wrong, you are the center of my universe.

  4. What is the cross between the moon and the stars? You.

  5. Hey baby, are you the earth? Because all things are attracted to you...

  6. I think I've discovered my supersymmetric partner.

  7. Is that a Higgs boson in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  8. What's up, gorgeous? Let's go back to my place and test our co-efficient of friction.

  9. Let's head to my lab so I can prove that Big Bang isn't just a theory.

  10. That dress would look even better sweetheart accelerating towards my bedroom floor at 9.8 m/s2

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Latest physics chat up lines

Einstein had great hair, didn't he? I just love your hair.

Hey, I’ll give you a great example of physical geography.

Hey baby, if I supply the voltage and you some resistance, imagine the current we can make together.

I can feel the gluons being exchanged between us.

What’s that smell great? Vacuum grease?

Is that a Cyclotron in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Let's determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between our bodies!

I saw your empty valence shell from way over there. Did I mention that my nickname is Sodium?

Let’s convert our potential energy dear into kinetic energy.

I'm willing to absorb your Electron if that's going to make you feel more Positive.

I swear I'm not a physics major.

So how about we go discover our coefficient of friction sweetheart.

A freak lab explosion left me with this 16-inch penis.

Are you a singularity? Not only are you attractive, but the closer I get to you, the faster time seems to slip by.

Even the O2 you exhale is fiz-ine!!!

Are you the normal line of a denser medium? Because i am attracted to you.

I love you. Please don't turn away from me just because I'm a physics major. Oh, okay, I'll leave.

Are you a magnet? Because you sure are attracting me.

Those other guys said that your eyes shine like stars. But can they explain how they shine with equal brightness? Oh, okay. I'll leave.

What's your amplitude for charm-strange mixing?

Hey baby, wanna violate the Pauli Exclusion Principle with me?

Might I integrate your curves tonight?

Your smile must be a black hole, nothing can escape its pull.

I'd like to inject some electrons into your storage ring, baby.

Hey, wanna get together like a superposition of 2 waves in phase?