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Top 50 French Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of French chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include killer conversation starters and useful comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work as best Tinder openers.

  1. Do you want to try an Australian kiss?

    It's like a French kiss, But down under...

  2. Hey you must be the French Revolution

    Because I’m losing my head over you

  3. Are you french?

    Because maDAMN

  4. Are you French relative pronouns bc I've been staring at you all day.

  5. Will you help with with my French technique?

  6. Say prise de fer once more, French is such a sexy dialect!

  7. Hey baby, I'd like to French your toast.

  8. I'm looking forward for tonight to try that French croissant of yours.

  9. Have you seen Titanic?

    Would you like to model like a French girl?

  10. Wow! lookit those tips!

    Are they german or french?

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Funny french pickup lines

I love french fries but I love you more.

Put some pumpkin pie in your mouth, and then French kiss me.

Hey girl, are you French?

Because Eiffel for you.

Are you a French general from the early 1800s?

Because you’re Napoleon my heart strings.

Hey girl, are you French Vanilla Creamer?

Cause you turn my dark moments light and sweet

Bonjour... Oh you don't speak French

That is unfortunate because I became fluent in the language of love just by looking at you.

I know the french kiss will be a little cold but at least you'll get a little moisture back!

Are you a faulty French press because I'd like to be burned by you and recall you afterwards.

You must be a French monarch, cause I feel an uprising in my lower class.

Hey girl, are some french bread?

Because you are baguetten me hard ;)

Hey girl, are you smart?

Because you lookin like my Samsung 25.5 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with Internal Water Dispenser in Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Smart Fridge 🥵

Girl, you've got the whole package

Cheeseburger, chicken nuggets and french fries.

Girl are you French...

...because i want you to touch my wei wei

In France, they don't call kissing with tongue "French kissing", they call it "galocher"

Which translates literally to "you and me tonight?"

Are you a French pastry?

Cuz I'd go all the way to Paris to taste you

Are you from France?

Cause I see some French curves.

Damn girl are your the french during WWII

Cause you start surrendering your love to me

[50F to 30M] You're French. Look at your President. Everything is possible in this country.

I almost fell for it.

Are you the French Army?

Because I'll push you till Verdun

Hey girl do you like French Fries?

Cause I got an unlimited arch card for those mcmuffins

I don't speak French for just anyone...

but I will for you.

Are you a good seal? Because I’d like to Bon Phoque you.

Bon Phoque in French is good seal

I want to take you to this amazing little French restaurant that I know called Jacques… in the Box.

You're cuter than a french composition.

I would disguise myself as a French waiter to stop you from proposing to someone else.