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Top 31 English Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty English pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. I'm working on a story. Maybe you can help me with the climax.

  2. Let me show you the difference between "lay" and "laid".

  3. Do you want to come home with me tonight? That's a rhetorical question.

  4. Do you have Mr. Jacobs for English class? [No] Me neither! We have so much in common!

  5. You know what I hate about English?

    There’s no “D” in “You”

  6. Baby, I have large footnotes, you know what that means.

  7. Her: I have a boyfriend

    Me: I have an English test

    Her: What?

    Me: I thought we were naming things we were going to cheat on

  8. If i could change anything in english...

    I would make "you" become "mine"

  9. Hey girl are you my English project due tomorrow?

    Because I will work hard on you all night and forget you exist the next day.

  10. 50% of the time works every time

    So , you come to a girl and ask her: What's your name? For example she says emily. Now you say: Oh that's my second favourite name. Now she will ask:And what's the first? Then you tell her your name and followed by nice to meet you. Sorry for bad english..

english pickup line
What is a English pickup line?

Funny english pickup lines

Youre like heroin
I want to fall asleep with you in my arms

2nd time posting cause my english is shit

Are you English class?

Because I'll be glad if I get a D in you

Are you English?

Cause you've colonised my mind/heart

Are you a simile? Because I like your as

For all you English lovers

english pickup line
This is a funny English pickup line!

Hey boy, we should change a few rules of English.

We should make it so the letter D is silent when it comes after the letter M. That way you could put a D in me and nobody would ever know.

There are approximately 1,010,300 words in the English language
But I could never string enough words together to properly express how beautiful you are

Are you a heart?

Because I want you pounding inside me.

Thought of this in English class yesterday and my friend loved it.

What's kurma in english?

Ok, let's grab some dinner. I'll pick you up at 7.

My phone gallery is full of English alphabet letters.

Would you like to see my D pic?

Wanna know my favourite alphabet in English?


I’m fascinated by the English alphabets

Especially U

For use on people that don’t speak the same mother tongue as you

You: Can I correct your English? To help you learn
Them: Yeah you can correct me.
You: Then correct me if I say we have chemistry

english pickup line
Working English tinder opener

Girl do you like a full English?

Cos I can give the sausages and you can give the eggs

You sound English. I can show you a bloody good time.

English Major: Babe, if you were words on a page, you'd be what they call fine print.

English Major: I have 'Great Expectations' for our future tonight.

That Kenyan black smells wonderful! May I try it? Normally I stick to English Breakfast, but I’m always open to experimenting.

I want to see you outside English — you take the best notes in the whole class.

Did you have Mrs. O'Brien for 8th grade English class? No? Me neither! We have so much in common. (High School Acquaintance)