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50 School Pick Up lines

School is a very important place in your life. It is where you meet new people and potentially find your true love. We have compiled the best list of school pick up lines for you to use in high school, middle school or university. These pick up lines feature several common schooling themes such as common school classes like chemistry and physics, school events and activities, and school equipment.

Best Working School Pickup Lines

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  1. Are you 5.56 ammunition?

    Because when I go to school you always end up in my head

  2. Hey, are you my School Essay?

    Cause I want to stuff you to the bottom of my bag, forget about you for a week, remember you last minute, start doing you, get bored, last ten seconds, then spend the rest of the year listening to gossip about me being a failure.

  3. In school I was voted most likely to meet the woman of my dreams Hi.

  4. Hey are you Maths Homework

    Because i want to subtract your clothes divide your legs and hope we dont multiply.

  5. You might be old school, but baby, you still look high school.

  6. Girl, are you a school?

    I just really wanna shoot some kids inside you.

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What is a good School pickup line?

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You’re the opposite of my homework in high school. "How?" I actually want to do you all night long.

This is my old elementary school, wanna see my classroom?

Baby, I'll treat you like my homework, slam you on the table, and do you all night long.

Are you made of copper and tellurium?

Because you're CuTe.

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Smooth School pickup line

Do you have Mr. Jacobs for English class? [No] Me neither! We have so much in common!

Are you an SAT exam? Because I would gladly sit in a room with you for three hours.

I know you’re not in the school band, but I bet we could make some sweet music together.

Cheesy school Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Is that a number 2 pencil in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

If you were an SAT exam, you’d be a perfect 1600.

I know my math, and you’ve got one significant figure.

Are you a school?

Because I’d like to shoot a bunch of kids inside you.

Let's go back to my place and get you out of that high school art project.

Are you a school

Cause ima shoot some kids up inside you

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Working School tinder opener

Are you an SAT exam? Because I would gladly sit in a room with you for three hours. I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?

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Can you help me with a math problem? I need to solve for x, where x= your phone number.

My nickname in high school was Butt Warmer.

That school uniform would look even better on my bedroom floor.

You're like an AP physics exam, you’ve got great curves.

For when getting rejected:
Hey are you a school, because your a waste of my time

Babe, I'll treat you like my homework, slam you down on the table and do you all night long!

What's a pretty girl like you doing in a lunchroom like this?

Girl, are you my school home work? Because we will have a long night together.

I must say that high school was h**..., but you were the hottest thing there.

Are you a school?

Cause i’m about to shoot some kids inside of you

Are you sitting on the F5 key, because that kiss is refreshing.

I tried this on some local elementary school students last week but they didn't seem to understand it.

Girl, you take me back to elementary school. I say my ABC’s to you.

A good school Pickup Lines for Bumble

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Are you the final semester of my senior year? Because I’m happy I survived long enough to see you.

Hey girl, are you made of copper, tellurium, arsenic, helium, carbon, and potassium?

Because your CuTe As HeCK

Is your name homework? Cuz I'm not doing you and I should be.

Hey girl, are you a school?

Because there’s so many people going in and out of you I can’t keep track of them

Are you a school bus?

Cuz I wanna fill you with kids

Together, we will be good at maths

Because there is no limits between us.

I have seen your grades at school.

So this D won't hurt that bad...

Are you a school?

Cuz i wanna shoot some kids inside you
(Works only for unorthodox bad-ass chicks)

Did we go to high school together, or do you look familiar because I'm already in love with you?

Are you a school? Cause I’d like to shoot kids inside you

Hey girl, did you know I got arrested in high school?

For bringing two guns and a six pack to school.
*flexes tiny muscles*

Summer must be over, because I can tell you’re about to Fall for me.

Hey are you good at algebra?

I was hoping you coud replace my x with y

Are you an elementary school?

Because I want to shoot kids inside you

Hey baby are you school

Cause I wanna shoot some kids up in you

Girl are you a school?

Because I wanna shoot kids in you

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain School love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty School chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.