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Top 50 Smells Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey babe, I know we've never met before

    But can you tell me if this rag smells like chloroform?

  2. ee, your ass smells terrific!

  3. Do you want to go to bed bath and beyond and smell unscented candles and tell each other what we think we smell?

  4. My, your butt smells delightful!

  5. If you think I reek of sweat from skanking, you should smell me in bed.

  6. Your breath reminds me of the smell of gunpowder that flows over the quiet battlefield.

  7. You smell better than incense!

  8. Babe, you smell like shit, sorry!

  9. Hey baby why do you smell so good? Is it because you've been in Dang Wangi last night?

  10. Baby! You smell like trash from Flea Bottom, can I take you out?

smells pickup line
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Funny smells pickup lines

Did you know you smell better when you are awake?

Hey baby, you smell good, wanna smell me?

You’d still be pretty even if your hair didn’t smell like fried goodness.

What’s that smell great? Vacuum grease?

smells pickup line
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Yes my dick might only be four inches

But it smells like a foot

The air smells like loaf of artisan bread I’d love to make with you.

Don't you just love the smell of drones in the morning?

Is there a bakery around? Cause I smell something in the OVEN!

Mmmmmmm..... You smell expensive!

You smell like thrash can I take you out!

Boy you smell good... Thats destin right?

Your feet smell like blue cheese. I like cheese.

smells pickup line
Working Smells tinder opener

You're anus smells amazing!

Are you trash?

Because you smell really bad and my mom is forcing me to take you out.

Hey girl, are you into flowers and stuff?

Cause this one smells like chloroform

You smell nice, why are you married?

Said this to a girl once, now she's married to me instead and we have 2 amazing girls.

Hey girl do u smell that

It smells like upsexy

What's up sexy

Nothin much how bout you gorgeous

Did I ever tell you, you smell like a freshly cut lawn?

The smell my carbon emissions is just for you, baby!

Girrrrl, you smell like straight up lavender. A field of flowers.

Your breath smells like sunny days and Starbursts.

That smell? It’s my manflesh. You like?

Are you a subway employee?

Because you smell like onions and lied about giving me 6 inches.