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Top 45 Nose Pick Up lines

Are you on a date with that hot girl or guy? Is the girl that you are with blowing their nose and wiping their runny nose into their hands and shirt? You can be funny and witty with these nose related pick up lines. Use these pick up lines to flirt with your loved one or that new girl or guy that you like.

  1. Are you a nose?

    Cus I want to make you run and blow you dry.

  2. I wish I was your nose during winter so you could blow me all day long.

  3. Are you Ibrahimovic?

    Because I think I nose you.

  4. You have "acute" little nose, get it? It's going to have to come off, I'm so sorry.

  5. My love for you is bigger than Squidward's nose!

  6. Well this made me laugh tea out of my nose.

  7. Look, love, you're a star nosed mole so you can't afford to by choosy, wanna do it?

  8. If you were a book,

    I'd shove more than just my nose in you.

  9. By any chance are you a face mask? Because I want you to cover my mouth and nose.

  10. Babe, with a nose like mine I can satisfy both of you at the same time.

nose pickup line
What is a Nose pickup line?

Working nose pickup lines

I will nose butter your box if you lip slide my rail.

Since it's the times of allergies, I hope your nose isn't the only thing that leaks when you see me.

Are you my nose? Because you take my breath away.

Are you my nose? Because I cannot live without you.

nose pickup line
This is a funny Nose pickup line!

Are you my nose? Because I want you on my face.

It’s not the size of the nose that matters, it's what's down here that really matters.

Call me Pinocchio, because you can sit on my face and I'll tell you lies.

I can't stand a brain tumor like you.

My physician wants me to take you out and I can't get you out of my mind!

(has to be on the nose!)

“Got your nose”

She’ll want to keep talking to you to get it back

By any chance are you a face mask?

Because I want you to sit on my face
Because I want you to cover my mouth and nose

Are you my nose?

Because I would pick YOU every day

Are you nose?

Because I want to finger you...

nose pickup line
Working Nose tinder opener

Girl do you work at NASA???

Cause you look like you shoot rockets out your nose...

Since its the times of allergies

I hope your nose isnt the only thing that leaks when u see me

Did you know a cow can lick its own nose?

I can’t lick mine but I can lick yours.

*Boop* Got your nose!

I would say it is a fair trade since you are trying to steal my heart.

Hey girl, are you my nose?

Because I want to put my finger inside you.

Is your name Merengue?

Cause I wanna lick that nose.

Can I nose press your box?

You run faster than my nose in allergy season!

I wish I were Winnie the Pooh so I could stick my nose in your honey jar.

Is it my hair, my nose, or my crooked smile?

Or the 50 ml of animal pheromones I sprayed myself with?

My nose may be cold, but my heart is warm.