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Top 50 Mouth Pick Up lines

Use these mouth pick up lines to help you land that guy or girl of your dreams. Please note that some of these mouth related pick up lines may be dirty so make sure you check out the comments to help you evaluate the best pickup lines to use.

  1. Most people call me Collgate

    Because 9 out 10 dentists recommended putting me in your mouth.

  2. Are you a gun

    Cause I wanna put you in my mouth

  3. My mouth must be the latest PCR test because I'm gonna need you to spit in it

  4. She asked me “What that mouth do?”

    I said “I’ve been eating pudding cups without a spoon since I was 8 years old, I will make you cry.”

  5. Hey baby, with a mouth like that, I bet you can really speak your mind.

  6. Are you soda? because I want to Mountain Dew you (mouth and do you)

  7. Do you think I can fit that in my mouth? Wanna try?

  8. Are you an M&Ms cuz I Wana shove a bunch of you in my mouth.

  9. You make my mouth water.

  10. Are you a termite? Because you ‘re going to have a mouth full of wood.

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What is a Mouth pickup line?

Working mouth pickup lines

Girl are you pee?
Because I want you in my mouth

Hey, are you a gun?

Because I want you in my mouth

Ladies, you want a crown? I got a mouth full of them so hop on my face.

Is it possible to make a deposit in your mouth without you showing any interest after?

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This is a funny Mouth pickup line!

Babe you're hot enough to burn the roof of my mouth.

Your food is making my mouth wet.

Your mouth seems like an orphanage. Can I put my kids in?

Are you George Washington because I could see wood in your mouth.

What does the ocean and me have in common? We both leave a bad taste in your mouth...

There's a powerful Thetan inhabiting my body and the only way to get rid of it is with your mouth.

I bet you a dollar I can kiss you on the mouth without touching your lips

*kisses her on the lips* - I guess I owe you a dollar

I wish I was your toothbrush

So my head gets in your mouth twice a day

mouth pickup line
Working Mouth tinder opener

I wanna put it in your mouth.

Are you a shotgun?

Because I want you to unload in my mouth.

Disclaimer: not mine, I saw this on a girl's Tinder bio and translated it as best as I could.

I'm going to punch you in the mouth. With my own mouth. Softly. Because I like you.

Hey girl are you a cow?

Cuz i want to milk u with my mouth

Do you wanna play lion tamer? It's when you get on all fours and I put my head in your mouth.

Is your name George Washington? Cuz you definitely need some wood in your mouth.

Hey girl, are you a cigarette?

Because you’re smoking hot and I wanna put your butt in my mouth.

Want my whisky mouth all over your blonde south?

[nsfw] are you a gun?

Coz i wanna put you in my mouth and make you blow

Let's play a game

Let's play a game called lion tamer, you get on all fours and I'll put my head in your mouth

Hey girl, are you a gun?

Cause i really want to put you in my mouth.