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Top 30 Shell Pick Up lines

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  1. I really respect a mollusk who doesn't have to hide in a shell, and can just be herself.

  2. I'm emptying shells into you!! Let me pull out and reload.

  3. I saw your empty valence shell from way over there. Did I mention that my nickname is Sodium?

  4. Wanna find out if my shotgun shell will fit in your double barrel?

  5. And I shell always love you.

  6. You really bring me out of my shell.

  7. Your candy shell would look great on my bedroom floor.

  8. If I said you had a gorgeous shell would you hold it against me?

  9. Whats a turtle without his shell homeless or naked?

    Her: naked
    Me: I guess its time for me to get you out of your shell ;)

  10. You are the Electrons to my Valance Shell

    You keep me stable

shell pickup line
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Funny shell pickup lines

How to get laid as a bartender?
I'm working as a bartender. I've always been super introverted but finnaly start coming out of my shell. My friends always say "you must get laid a lot!" I don't. Girls just ask me to give them free drinks and stuff. Never numbers.

How can I learn to game in the bar? Any lines, questions, interest peaking material.

If you were me. How would you do it. And what would you say to women?

I put my work first. So I can't give booze away for free since I'll get fired.

Are you a conch shell?

Cause I sure wanna blow you

Are you a heat lamp?

Cause you make my turtle come out of it’s shell.

Your Thermador cracks my shell.

shell pickup line
This is a funny Shell pickup line!

Girl, no matter where you are, you are always my number one, and my blue shell will find you.

Watch out babe, I am coming up behind with my Red Shells.

Is that a giant triton shell in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Lean close, put chyer lips to her shell-like ear, an' whisper the Nude Raider cheat codes.

I can be your hero in a half shell. (Turtle)

If you were a pea, I would gladly shell you on the back porch.

Honey Ryder: Looking for shells?
James Bond: No. I'm just looking.

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Probably not, because of your protective shell. (Turtle)

shell pickup line
Working Shell tinder opener

Dayum...One Look at you, chica, and my soft-shell taco got deep fried.

My shell or yours?

No pulling out, I am emptying shells into you tonight.

I really respect a mollusk who doesn't have to hide in a shell, and can just be herself. (Octopus)

You are so hot, you are turning all the shell fishes red.

You look shy. Let me help you come out of your shell—but not too far. (Turtle)