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Top 16 Slice Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Slice pick up lines that always work, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Slice tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Hey pizza, it’s slice to eat you.

  2. Hey girl are you a Black + Decker 2-Slice Toaster Model #TR2900SD

    Cause I want some toast

  3. After I am done, you can slice my belly up with my lightsaber and crawl in for warmth.

  4. You could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice. from "Best I Ever Had"

  5. Tumble my mind, slice my body, just don’t smash my heart.

  6. Girl, enjoy life with me with a grain of salt, a slice of lemon…and a shot of tequila.

  7. Hey girl you wanna do some Star Wars roleplay?

    I'll be Han Solo and slice you open and crawl inside you.

  8. Hey girl, are you a slice of pizza?

    Cuz I would eat you off the ground.

  9. Are you a cabbage?

    Because i wanna slice you up and put you into a clean jar and sprinkle salt over you. Use a wooden spoon or a vegetable pounder to press and stir you, squeezing you down so the salt can draw out your juices because it will create your own brine with the salt then i wanna leave you for 2 weeks then eat you with bread.

  10. What did the toaster say to the slice of bread ?

    I want you inside me.

slice pickup line
What is a Slice pickup line?

Working slice pickup lines

Are you a slice of bread
Coz I wanna spread some mayo over you

In Deep South Louisiana accent

Ey baby wont ya come on over and cut me off a slice of that there genitalia you been toatin round

Girl are you a tauntaun?

Because I would love to ride you, then slice you up and crawl inside you.

See this slice of bread? You are the best thing in here since that.

slice pickup line
This is a funny Slice pickup line!

I got an extra slice for you.