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The Pick Up Lines website located at: is owned and operated by Mobile Network OOD DZZD, a limited liability company established in Haskovo, Bulgaria. The company was founded by George Dimoff and Veselin Nedev in 2008. Our tax identification number / VAT ID is BG126747715 and our legal address is blv. Bulgaria 150, vhod Zapad, office 222, Haskovo, 6300, Bulgaria. You can contact us at or call us at +359888264294.

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The Pick Up Lines is one of the first and largest sites where you can read engaging pick up lines to have a quick flirt. We have collected these lines from various sources around the web including Reddit, forums, flirting sites and apps, etc.

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We've gathered over 500,000 pick up lines in english for you to enjoy and share with you beloved ones. You can suggest adding a new ones by sending them to our contact email so we can create together a place where the best chat-up lines can be accesed and used for dating or romance.