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  1. Idk what's gotten into you lately

    But I wish it was me.

  2. I realize I’m too late take your virginity, but I’d like the box it came in

  3. Hey girl, are you having a bad time lately?

    Because i can make your hole weak.

  4. I’d never have to bench you for coming late

  5. Hey baby, can I get your phone number? Oops, too late.

  6. Sorry for the late reply, I got lost in your eyes for a hot sec

    This'll only really work over snapchat but you guys got this

  7. Can you help? I'm late for a very important date.. with you.

  8. Hey, babe, how about some of this late summer veggie gazpacho?

  9. Hey Girl, Have you been flying lately?

    Cause that ass is first class ;)

  10. I don't know...

    I don't know what got into you lately but can I be next?

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Funny late pickup lines

C’mon, it’s getting late, and we both know I’m your lender of last resort

You're just like my phone

I want to stay up late, just looking at you

Dang it i shoulda tied my shoes

But its too late now, im already falling for you

Roses are red, People are in quarantine,

I know its late
But, Will you be my valentine?

late pickup line
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I'd love to hang out with you, but I can't make it a late night -- I'm shipping out to [place] in the morning.

Hey, girl... Wanna stay up way too late with a stranger?
Her: No...

Me: Exactly, my name's \*insert name here\*.

Are you a blanket?

Cuz I want you in my bed lately

I would say you’re today’s date

But actually I’m 9 days late, because you’re a 1/10

Are you a casket??

Because lately i wanna end up in you.

Hey girl! From now on your IEPs will be done by elves, calories don’t count, and i’ll stay up late to help you color code data. Just thought you should know.

I might be late for the superbowl party but......

If i was a seahawk.....i wouldnt pass on you.

What do you and McDonald’s have in common?

I’m hoping you’ll both be open late at night when I’m hungry

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late pickup line
Working Late tinder opener

Have you been to the doctor lately ???

Cause I think you're lacking some Vitamin Me

Hey girl are you redbull?

Because you make my heart hurt and make me think about my problems late at night.

Are you France in the late 1700’s?

Because I feel and uprising in my lower class

When i hang out with my friends, i wanna go to area 51. But when i hang out with you, i wanna go to area 69.

Sorry im late

Are you erectile dysfunction?

Cause whenever we make plans, you always end up coming late, or not at all

Hey, It is getting late.

Let’s go to my place and get laid.


Ran into so many of them lately but can’t think of one

The path of picking up ladies and superficiality

"How many of these things have you sold?" said me uncle. He used to work in Coal-MINING. We gave him the benefit of the doubt when we called him our uncle, but we think he's really not one of us. Tables are turning, minds are churning, pornography is destroying our uncles, our this, our that.

These days it's all about MUSCLE. Cash flowing from the WALLET. Superficial and maniacal, that's why we fantasize.

PORNOGRAPHY has contributed to the EPITOMY OF BAD, called the internet. It's been extremely bad for all of the children and me uncle was the first to called it out in the late 90s.

Guys, if you're on this path for real, comment "Yes, I'm gonna do this".


I've been feeling like trash lately,

Wanna take me out?

Should I tell my babysitter I'm going to be home late?

So...been to any good hangings lately?