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Top 28 Bullet Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and working Bullet pick up lines that always work fast, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Bullet tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. You give me n**... like lead bullets. Not silver ones.

  2. My bracelets might deflects bullets but you have already pierced my heart.

  3. Hey baby! Wanna play superheroes? I'll be Superman and do you faster than a speeding bullet.

  4. Are you with the NRA, because I felt a silver bullet through my heart.

  5. You’re the bullet to my JFK

    I just can’t get you out of my head

  6. Hey girl are you a bullet..

    Cause you always in my head

bullet pickup line
What is a Bullet pickup line?

Working short bullet pickup lines to impress a girl

Baby, you stop my heart like Teddy's speech stops a bullet.

Are you a bullet?

Cause as soon as you entered my brain, I went straight to heaven

Hey girl are you a bullet?

Cuz' you're going to be the last thing going through my head tonight.

Are you a bullet?

Cause I can't get you out of my head ;)

bullet pickup line
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“i think we have great chemistry.. wanna add some romance?”

“are you a skater boy? cause i wanna see ya later, boy”

“i’m in the business of misery. wanna join?”

“i heard you like blink-182. wanna make first date a reality?”

“have you heard the news that you’re dead? cause only angels look this beautiful.”

“if i bring you my bullets, will you give me your love?”

“if you take me home, i’d be your king for a day.”

“i wanna be your black veil bride.”

“do you have a girlfriend? if so, i think you need a new one.”

“you wanna join the black parade with me?”

“you look like the kind of person i’d write a song about.”

“this place is boring. wanna be my escape?”

“don’t mean to change the topic, but i think you’re kind of hot.”

“i heard good girls like bad guys. wanna test that theory out?”

They say that I’m faster than a speeding bullet. Do you want to know?

I'll be your number one with a bullet.

bullet Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Hey girl, are you a bullet?

Cuz you’re gonna be stuck in my head for a long time

They might as well call me JFK

Cause even though my wife’s right next to me you hit me like a bullet.

I think you are a bullet
Coz when you're entering my heart, i die

Bullets bounce off my chest, but I am not invulnerable to you.

Are you a school shooter?

Cus your bullets are hitting my heart

Are you a fan of My Chemical Romance?

Cause I brought you my bullets and you can bring me your love

bullet pickup line
Working Bullet tinder opener

Hey Girl Are You A Gun

Cause I'm just waiting to put my bullet in you

bullet Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

Are you a bullet

Because I want you in my skull

Are you a bullet

Because I can't get you outta my head

Hey girl are you a bullet?

Because I can’t the the thought of you out of my head

Babe, ready to get pierced with this Bullet Bill?

Let's recreate that orgasmic finishing like the Bullet Bill item.

They say I'm faster than a speeding a bullet. Want to find out?

Use only working piropos and frases de cantadas for girls and hombres. Note that dirty phrases are funny, but don't use them in real life. In practice, saying smooth Bullet phrases to someone you haven't Picked Up yet is usually just creepy.