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  1. There must be C4 in my pants cuz you make me want to go BOOM!

  2. You make my heart cannon go boom.

  3. Girl you got my heart going from slump to boom in no time.

  4. Is that a bomb on your pocket or are you just Boom!

  5. Economics One Liners

    Baby, I'm an expert in exponential growth.

    I'll give you all the stimulus you need

    I've got a huge stimulus package just for you.

    My boom cycle *never* plateaus

    I've got all the supply needed to meet your demand

    I'm like a multiplier effect, once you get me started I just keep on giving.

    I've got a producer surplus just *waiting* to be met.

    You can be a free rider on my public good *any* time.

    Hey ladies, my public good is non-rivalry, there is plenty for everyone!

  6. Hey girl, do you like onomatopoeia

    Because i was thinking we could watch some fireworks BOOM and then we could BANG

  7. Girl, are you a firework?

    Because you my my heart go boom

  8. Two things you need to know about me:

    1. I am hung over.

    2. Many times I like to say the word "over" for no reason.

    BOOM! Nailed it!!

  9. Hey girl, I'm disabled and on Social Security

    Which means I come with a *guaranteed* $850/mo for life. Boom

  10. The Action Hero

    A little backstory to this one.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when I don’t get a “thank you” from someone I held a door open for in public. I brought this up in conversation to someone who studied psychology and he told me that people are generally preoccupied with their thoughts and aren’t consciously aware of their surroundings, so they are pretty much in “auto pilot” mode.

    I decided to test this, so the next time I opened the door for someone, instead of just holding it open without saying a word, I would say, “Here. Let me get that for you.” Boom! “Thank you!” The guy I talked to was right. These people just needed to be awaken back into reality.

    I started getting creative after this. I am happily married, so I don’t go around using pickup lines, but I think this has potential...

    I call this, **The Action Hero**

    Spot out a woman you’d like to meet walking into a public place. Try to get to the door before she does. Pretend you’re starring in an action film. Grab the door and act like it’s real heavy. Really act like you’re struggling. Turn to the woman and exclaim with a dramatic dialogue like, “Just save yourself! Don’t worry about me! Hurry! Can’t...Hold it...Much...Longer!” Once she makes it inside, dramatically close the door behind you, act like you’re out of breath (fall to the ground if you’re feeling extra daring) and say something like, “Whew! That was a close one!” Make your introduction.

    I have actually done this and it always gets a laugh. I have not used it to pick up or hit on women, but I think it has potential. It’s definitely unique and people will definitely remember you.

    Feel free to use. I only ask you to inform me of any results you get.

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The Best Way to Break The Ice
I made this one up myself, and trust me, IT WORKS ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

1. Find your prey, who are you going to message
2. Wait until 11:11
3. Message them saying, "Hey"

or message them a few mins after 11:11
and say, "hey sorry im late"
When they ask late for what
Say, "you wished for me to message you for 11:11 right?"
and boom, you're practically in her pants. Gets the girls wet
Aight have fun, peace

Smile if you wanna have sex with me.

Most start laughing and boom, better icebreaker than the Titanic.

Tap on the shoulder, look em up and down* “Why are you yelling at me?”

Her: Uhm I’m not

You: oh I’m sorry, you weren’t yelling...but you’re eyes were


I come in peace.

What I mean to say is I CUM in YOUR piece...of ASS.

Just kidding, I'll use a condom. I'm a gentleman.



Are you a Junkrat main?

Cause you know how to make my heart go boom!

I'm like TNT… Touch me and I go boom.

If you be the cash, I'll be the rubber band. You be the match; I will be a fuse. Boom. (Sure Thing)

Me Makey Your Bed Go BOOM BOOM! U Go Home With Me!