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Top 36 Rock Hard Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Rock Hard pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. Are you Medusa

    Cause you make me rock hard

  2. Hey girl are you Medusa?

    Cuz you turn me rock hard

  3. Are you Medusa?

    Because you turn everyone rock hard.

  4. Is your name medusa?

    Because when i look at you i get rock hard

  5. Are you Medusa?

    Cause, I'm rock hard right now.

  6. Nothing turns me on more than a long hard rock and some tuber.

  7. We must be in Gorons cave, cause I'm hard as a rock.

  8. Are you an earth bender? Because you make me rock hard.

  9. Let’s make like the pilgrims and faceplant on something rock-hard.

  10. Do you like the fantastic 4? Cause ive got something thats rock hard!

rock hard pickup line
What is a Rock Hard pickup line?

Funny rock hard pickup lines

Girl, is your name Medusa?
Because you made me rock hard.

Hey girl are you medusa?

'Cause I get as hard as a rock whenever you look at me

With you around, Pride Rock isn't the only thing hard.

Hey, are you medusa?

Cause you got me rock hard

rock hard pickup line
This is a funny Rock Hard pickup line!

Are you Medusa cause I get rock hard when I see you

Are you sedimentary?
Cause I’m rock hard for you

Hey girl, are you Medusa?

Coz i'm stoned and rock hard

Are you medusa?

Cuz u got me hard as a rock 🥴

Do you stir cement for a living?

Because you make me rock hard

Do you like to play rock, paper, scissors?

Because I wanna smash you hard with my rock.

Are You Medusa?

Because one look at you turns me Rock Hard!

They say Medusa is the only one that can turn ppl to stone

But bby you've got me rock hard

rock hard pickup line
Working Rock Hard tinder opener

Don’t use in a real situation!

If Dwayne Johnson was on your right and I was on your left, I guess you could say that your stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Is your name Elvis?

Cause you make me rock hard.

I should be called man of steel whenever I see you

Because everytime I see you,
I Rock hard. Xd

Whoa there, stop staring at me Medusa!

You’re making me rock hard!

Are you Medusa?

'cuz u make me rock hard

Are you Medusa?

Because staring into your eyes is making me rock hard.

Is your name medusa?

Because the way you looked at me made me rock-hard.

Hey girl, are you Medusa...

Cause everytime I look at you, I become rock-hard.

Are you cosmic rays? Because you turn my thing hard as rock.

Want to see my rock hard Thing?

This bone may not date to the Jurassic Period, but it’s still rock hard.