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Top 34 Metal Pick Up lines

Are you at a metal concert or meeting a metal head guy or girl? Use these heavy metal related pick up lines to help you break the ice! These pick up lines feature common metal themes such as instrument, band names, and song lyrics. They also include funny metalhead stereotypes that will help you make this metalhead laugh.

  1. Hey girl are you an Alkaline Metal?

    Because you make 70% of me highly reactive

  2. Gurl we are like 2 pieces of the same metal in space

    Cuz if we get together I reckon we’ll be inseparable

  3. Baby are you metal shrapnel? Because I feel you in my heart.

  4. I trade rare metals, and you look like the rarest one of them all.

  5. Are you metal shrapnel? Because I feel you in my heart! (Iron Man)

  6. Hey, baby!! Is ALL of your sexy body metal?

  7. See this ass? Take my heavy metal rod down low. (Fitness)

  8. I taste like metal and coconut.

  9. Heavy metal broke my heart, will you mend it?

  10. I see you don't have a large metal spike inserted into the base of your skull. Do you want one?

metal pickup line
What is a Metal pickup line?

Working metal pickup lines

I'm a cybernetic orgasm. Living tissue over metal Bellend-oskeleton

Are you an alkali metal because you are sodium fine.

Are you wearing metal? Because I definately detected you.

Old friend and I started talking again always loved her for a long time

Did you know when you bend a piece of metal the atoms in the metal release kinetic energy and the result is the metal heating up because the atoms are moving same as the body when it moves it releases kinetic energy. And when I talk to you, you bend my rigid heart back into shape and heats up everytime I talk to you

metal pickup line
This is a funny Metal pickup line!

Are you a furnace?

Because you make me go from soft ore, to hard metal

Are you a metal container?
Because you look like a tin to me.

Roses are Red and Metal is black...

I don't need the power of Satan to blow out your back.

Are you an electric current passing through tightly coiled metal wire?

Because dang boi you're pretty attractive

I'm not saying my eyes are made of metal..

But your magnetic personality does attract them

Are you a metal gear fan?

Because you make my snake solid

Hey girl are you metal oxide and metal powder burned at 2000°c?

Because your really hot.

Do you play Metal Gear Solid 2...

...because Ima make you my "Gurl-lukovich" and have you "Raiden" my "Solid Snake" until I shoot "Liquid" all over your "Ass-elot".

metal pickup line
Working Metal tinder opener

Hey girl, are you a part of a Nu-Metal band?

Cause you give me a Limpbizkit

If I were a piece of metal

My only hope would be for you to be a metal detector
so you would notice me

Are you a metal singer?

Because I really want to hear you scream.

Girl are you a metal pole on Antarctica?

Coz I wanna stick my toungue down on you.

Are you a metal?

Cause I wanna conduct my electricity through you.

Full Metal Jacket is necessary for deeper penetration.

My metal suit isn't the only reason they call me Iron Man.

If you were oxygen, I would be an alkali metal so i could get in you and explode!

Is this a heavy metal band cause girl i wanna ROCK with you!

I use Full Metal Jacket for deeper penetration.