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Top 49 Iron Pick Up lines

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  1. Aye girl are u a banana

    Cuz u make me go OOH OOH AH AH



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  2. Your breastplate alone must've depleted five iron mines.

  3. I am Iron born dear, I take what’s mine.

  4. Yo girl, call me Iron Man, cuz I've got a setting for cotton, polyester, and rayon.

  5. You need a room? I am iron man. I'll let you share my 'SUITe'.

  6. If I take you home, you'll be magnesium iron silicate hydroxide.

  7. If you get lost in the midst of darkness

    I'll help you find the iron rod.

  8. The suits made out of gold titanium alloy, the iron is referring to something else.

  9. My 9-iron is 12 inches.

  10. Hi, my name is Jared. Believe it or not, right here in my pocket is the iron rod. Wanna hold to it?

iron pickup line
What is a Iron pickup line?

Funny iron pickup lines

Would you like to see my 9 iron?

That ironic t-shirt you’re wearing would look better on my floor.

I'm Tony Stark. And I've saved my best weapon for you. (Iron Man)

You light up my world like nobody else (Iron Man)

iron pickup line
This is a funny Iron pickup line!

When I saw you I became Iron Man.

You're so hot, you're breaking my circuits!

Will you be my Iron Woman?

If you'll be my Pepper Potts, I'll be your Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Wanna polish my iron?

I wanna be a super hero, guess my name?

I’ve thought about Spider-Man, Batman, Iron man, Superman.....

But I think I want to be Your man

Hey, are you iron pyrite?

Because you're this fool's gold.

Hi, I am Iron Man. And I love you from the bottom of my arc reactor.

iron pickup line
Working Iron tinder opener

I’ll show you my ironic protest sign if you’ll show me yours.

Baby you turn my bronze into iron!

I love you from the bottom of my arc reactor. (Iron Man)

Are you magnesium iron silicate hydroxide?

Well, if you went out with me, you sure would be cummingtonite.

Are you iron woman?

Because i want to place a glowing thing between your chest

Girl, you could have these iron nuggets anytime you want.

Hey baby, is your name Texas Red?

Cause I got a big iron near my hip.

If you were the iron rod, I would hold on to you for all eternity.

Are you iron?

Because I want to pump some

You must be my iron deficiency..

Because i keep falling for you.

I’m low on iron

Let me suck you dry?