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Top 50 Magnet Pick Up lines

Flirt with your loved one or pick up that hot girl or guy. Use these magnet pick up lines to help you impress and get the girl or guy. These pick up lines using magnet are funny and cheesy. Make the most out of these pick up lines with magnets.

  1. Good thing there aren't any magnets nearby

    Because you are so attractive

  2. Are you a magnet cause I’m pulled in to you tonight.

  3. You must be the North Pole of a magnet, because I'm the South Pole and I can't stay away.

  4. Baby are you a magnet?

    Because I can’t wait to pin you against the fridge

  5. Girl, you must have magnetic powers cause I'm really attracted to you.

  6. Are you a magnet? Because you sure are attracting me.

  7. Girls are like solenoids, the flux only changes if you add some motion to your bar magnet.

  8. Can I be the North Pole of your magnet and you be the South Pole of my magnet? So, we can attract each other.

  9. Was that drink magnetic? 'Cause you are attractive.

  10. Hi baby, you must be a magnetic monopole because all i get from you is attraction.

magnet pickup line
What is a Magnet pickup line?

Working magnet pickup lines

(Soulfist) My Magnetic Palm is attractived to your sexy body.

There must be a magnet in my pants, because I'm attracted to your buns of steel!

Do you have the Magnetic ability? Because I want to merge with you tonight.

Hey girl are u a magnet?

Cuz u be bipolar as shi

magnet pickup line
This is a funny Magnet pickup line!

Did you swallow magnets?

Coz girl you are attractive...

Do you even know what I can do with ben-wa balls and my magnetism powers?

Do you have a magnet in your back pocket?

Because it’s certainly attracting my eyes.

Do you have a magnet in your back pocket?

Cause that ass is attracting me

I'm not saying my eyes are made of metal..

But your magnetic personality does attract them

Girl are you a magnet?

Coz you're so attractive and like a compass, you make me loose direction

Do you have a magnet in your pocket?

Cuz every time you're near, I get pulled in your direction!

Did you swallow magnets

Bc you look attractive

magnet pickup line
Working Magnet tinder opener

My hands are magnets

My hands are magnets,
And you have buns of steel.

Is your face a magnet?

Because I'm really attracted to it.

Are you a magnet? Because your attracting me

Girl, you got the magnetic power that suck away all of my little drops.

Are you a giant magnet?

Cause you're so attractive

Hey girl did you swallow any magnets?

Because i feel attracted to you.

Did you get some magnesium supplement? Because you are totally magnetic.

They say those starved of love are confused by it...

Or was it stunned by it... 🤔 Or maybe avoid it? Every fiber in my body is telling me to run but your smile is magnetic and my love hard as steel..

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Are you an earth magnet ?

Because you’re rare and extremely attractive.

Idk If it’s been used but I just thought about it.

Girl you're like a magnet...

Cause my South pole wants to go your North pole

- Day 34