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Top 50 Mind Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you a brain tumor?

    Cause you’re on my mind and it’s killing me

  2. If I had a dollar for everytime I think of you.... I would have a dollar

    Coz you never leave my mind.

  3. I’m not religious

    So the only cross I’m worried about is whether I ever cross your mind

  4. Are you a brain tumor?

    Cause youre on my mind

  5. If I had a dollar every time I thought of you...

    I'd have only one, because you never left my mind.

  6. Your body got 206 bones, mind if i give you one more?

  7. Are you suicide?

    Because you won’t stop crossing my mind

  8. Are you suicide?

    Cause your always on my mind

  9. Hey girl, are you Lee Harvey Oswald?

    Cause you just blew my mind

  10. You must be very tired

    Cause you've been running in my mind all day.

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Is your name "suicide" ???
Cuz you're always on my mind.

Don't mind me as I full wheel you.

Hey baby, with a mouth like that, I bet you can really speak your mind.

So you're a virgin...I hope you don't mind me sacrificing you a bit.

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Do your calves hurt? Because you've been backwards marching through my mind all day...

I just woke up and you’re already on my mind.

You must have take a potion of ultimate stamina, cause you've been running through my mind all day.

You are like my snorkel, because you're wrapped around my mind.

Do you mind if I slip my rope under your route?

Do ya mind if I stick this under your mantle?

Would you mind goin plow my cord field?

I don't mind if you come with baggage.

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Working Mind tinder opener

Girl do you have a severe case of plantar fasciitis cus you've been running through my mind all day.

Hey girl are you a little mistake that i made years ago and anybody but me remember

Because i can't get you of my mind

Is your name Jean? Cause you've been in my mind all day.

Do you mind if I apparate into your pants?

Are you a creeper?

Because you blow my mind.

Girl, you must be tired cause you've been Temple Running' through my mind all night.

I would like to get to know you more. Do you mind of we grab a coffee and chat for a while?

You must be Puffin as you've been running through my mind all night.

If I had a dime for every time I thought of you...

I'd have one dime ...cuz baby, u never leave my mind

I have been struggling with loneliness. Would you mind meeting me to pray about it?

Hey, I think you have something in your eye. Never mind, that’s just your sparkle.