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37 Material Pick Up lines

Do you work with or around material in your daily life? Are you in school or university studying material related courses such as chemistry or engineering? Use these clever and funny pick up lines about different materials and their properties. Start the conversation with other material science or engineer loving women or men.

Best Working Material Pickup Lines

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  1. Feel my shirt. Know what it’s made of?

    Boyfriend material

  2. I have a weapon made of the hardest material on Earth.

    I also have this shield.

  3. Your package for one boyfriend is in route. (Date)

    Tracking number (phone number)

    Boyfriend/ husband material. Will satisfy all your lonely needs and cook some awesome pizza rolls.


  4. Feel my wetsuit, it’s made of girlfriend/boyfriend material.

  5. Boyfriend/ husband material. Will satisfy all your lonely needs and cook some awesome pizza rolls.

  6. Babe are you compost bin? Because I want to put my organic material inside you.

material pickup line
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What kind of fabric do you think you are made of?

I think it's girlfriend material...

I prefer my women to be positional player rather than material.

Your hair looks so good it must be fake. Is it made out of girlfriend material?

Girl, you are so hot, I need to inspect your package for any explosives or hazardous materials inside.

material pickup line
Smooth Material pickup line

Like my shirt? You prolly think im gonna say it's made of girlfriend material, but...

In truth, im not sure what my shirt is made out of, but i do know that im 100% cott-on you

You know what material this is? [Grab your shirt] Boyfriend material.

Hey, feel my shirt.

*proceeds to feel man's shirt *

Man-know what material that is?
Me- no...
Man- boyfriend material.

Cheesy material Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Ma’m did you know your made of a rare material?

Wife Material.

Nice shirt. Is it made of boyfriend material?

Some guys are boyfriend material. I'm made of wall material.

My grandma once told me im serious boyfriend material...

So you boutta call my grandma a liar, huh? I'll FIGHT anyone who calls my grandma a liar!

Sir : Hey madam, your assets are materially overstated.

Some guys are boyfriend material. I'm made of candy material – sugar.

material pickup line
Working Material tinder opener

Hey! Feel my bowling shirt, know what it's made of? Boyfriend/girlfriend material!

Corny material Love Messages to Start a Conversation at Tinder

Try using funny and charming Material conversation starters, sweet messages, love texts and comebacks for sticky moments in Tinder and chat.

Hey girl you want to know what this shirt is made out of?

Girlfriend material.

Are you a donator of large material transport vehicles?

Cause you're giving me a semi right now.

Baby yuh sell inna Pings? Yuh luk like two yaad a wife material

How to get laid as a bartender?

I'm working as a bartender. I've always been super introverted but finnaly start coming out of my shell. My friends always say "you must get laid a lot!" I don't. Girls just ask me to give them free drinks and stuff. Never numbers.

How can I learn to game in the bar? Any lines, questions, interest peaking material.

If you were me. How would you do it. And what would you say to women?

I put my work first. So I can't give booze away for free since I'll get fired.

Hey feel my shirt, you know what that is?
It's a cotton and polyester blend... what you thought I was going to say boyfriend or girlfriend material didn't you. Well, you are wrong. Don't assume I like you if you don't even know me. On the flip side, your clothes look so soft that we should cuddle.

I would fill out four whole pages of supplemental materials just to have a chance to be with you.

Oh, you like my High 5 jersey? You know what it's made of? Boyfriend/Girlfriend material.

Did it hurt? When you fell out of the ethereal plane and landed on the material plane? I guess that wouldn’t hurt, really, but that must have been weird, right?

Let go of your material possession and come to bed with me.

Do you know what my bowling shirt is made of?

Hey! Feel my bowling shirt, know what it's made of? Boyfriend/girlfriend material!

(Staring at her body) Sorry, I was just checking to see if you had any explosives or hazardous materials in there.

Hey girl, feel my thobe. You know what it's made of? Husband material.

A good material Pickup Lines for Bumble

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Is _____ (name of whatever she's drinking) the material weakness in your internal control?

Sir : Hey madam, your assets are materially overstated.
Madam: So said who? The man with the very small bank account balance?
Sir: huh!
Madame: ah!

I would love to harvest your materials.

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Material love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty Material chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.