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Top 50 Matter Pick Up lines

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  1. Is your father a candyman?

    Cuz you're sweet and I'm gonna get you no matter how much you cost.

  2. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would probably leave it how it is bc none of this matters and life is meaningless.

  3. I know looks don’t matter…

    …but I can see you brought them just in case.

  4. Woman: I have a boyfriend.
    Man: I had cereal for breakfast this morning.
    Woman: What?
    Man: Oh, I thought we were talking about things that don't matter.

  5. Man, I’d think you have to be a pre-famine 1700s Irish farmer with well fertilised, well-drained land that’s rich will organic matter...

    But that bulge is too big to be a prize winning potato

  6. No matter how much 3-pointer I've made,

    it means nothing if i can't score your heart.

  7. Our alliance is more important than the constitution. The constitution is only there to regulate matters.

  8. Ooh baby, I'm like a boomerang. You can run, but I'm coming right back to you no matter what.

  9. No matter how many times I travel back in time to this moment I always get nervous about talking to you.

  10. The uprising in my pants it shouldnt be a struggle putting the matter forward.

matter pickup line
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Funny matter pickup lines

How many eyes does a spider have? Doesn't matter, cause all of em are on you baby.

Girl, Are you Disneyland? Because you make me Matter-horny.

Are you a boy or a girl... or does it not matter?

If you were a sentence, I'd be the punctuation mark because I'd always follow you no matter what.

matter pickup line
This is a funny Matter pickup line!

Hey baby, are you made up of dark matter?

Because you’re indescribable.

Are you mass and take up space??
Because you matter ;)

It's not the length of the vector that matters, it's its magnitude.

If you don’t marry me you won’t be able to attain godhood or salvation in the highest degree of celestial kingdom for that matter.

It’s not the size of the wand that matters, its how you use it.

Have you ever stolen something, no matter how large or small? Besides my heart?

With you I am the real me, and nothing else seems to matter.

Hablas Espanola? No matter — my love needs no translation.

matter pickup line
Working Matter tinder opener

What do you and a horror movie have in common

You both can make my heart race in a matter of seconds

You: Would you rather eat 100 pounds of bricks or a matter baby?

Someone: What's a matter baby?

You: Nothing, sweetie. How about you?

There are 52 cards in a standard deck...

...4 of those being queens, but no matter how many decks you factor in youre the only queen i want

Girl you like a rose

Because no matter how many thorns you got, you still the most beautiful thing I've seen

Guy: Ouch. Girl: What's the matter? Guy: I got stung by your love.

No matter where you stream, I am where you are.

Are you Game of Thrones?

Because I'm gonna keep loving you no matter how bad you hurt me and the emotional hell you put me through.

No matter where you are, I will travel the entire Terraria world to find you.

Man if you were mine...

It wouldn’t matter how much I going fishing, because I would never catch anything as amazing as you.

You know, I always say "I do what I want"

As a matter of fact, I want you

Do you know the song “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica?

Because that’s how i feel about you
only works if they know the song