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Top 50 Friday Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Friday pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Friday conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. You took those yoga pants for sale?

    Because in my house there are 100% discount.

  2. If you were a Black Friday sale, you'd be a door buster.

  3. Let's go shopping. Clothes are 100% off at my house.

  4. You might not have got the deal you wanted, but you can have my number for free.

  5. If you check me out, I'll check you out.

  6. I hope your clothes is participating in Black Friday because I want to see them 50-75% off!

  7. You must be on sale because I sure am checking you out.

  8. It's supposed to snow on Friday night. What are you doing?

  9. You know what else is on sale today? My affection.

  10. Hey boy, have you heard of all the great sales today? Yea clothes are 100% off at my place tonight.

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Funny friday pickup lines

Hey girl, wanna come watch this 39" tv and these 5 dollar movies tonight?

Got such a great deal on this external hard drive. How big is it? About 8 inches fully erect.

No, I'm serious. I mean, talk about 'hot deals'...

I give 'door-busters' a whole new meaning.

friday pickup line
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Black Friday Sale

My house.
You & me.
All clothes will be 100% off

Did you get that shirt on sale? Because in my room they'd be a 100% off!

Are you a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday?

Because I’d have a hard time pulling out of you

The only thing I want to see 100% off tonight are your clothes.

Meeting you is better than any of the deals I’ve seen on Black Friday!

I'd love to see your clothes 100% off.

Want to come Black Friday shopping at my place ?...

All clothes are 100% off

What's the best Black Friday deal?

Your clothes, 100% off.

friday pickup line
Working Friday tinder opener

I hear - once you go Black Friday, you never go back?

If you go to my bedroom at 12am, my clothes will be half off.

Hey, I've got a great deal. My pants are half-off.

You're the only deal I need.

There are lots of things on sale but the only thing for free is my number.

Hey baby, wanna come over and get your clothes 50-75% off.

Come over on Black Friday. We can make love and have left-overs from Thanksgiving dinner. Did I mention my mom is a great cook?

Bone of my bone. Flesh of my flesh. What are you doing Friday night?

Eyy Gurl…Black Friday sale going on back at my house. . .

All clothing will be 100% off. . .

Are those pants on sale? Because they're 100% off at my place!

Black Friday is so hypocritical. one day you're thankful for everything you have then the next day you're fighting over TV's & stuff on sale