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Top 50 Days Of The Week Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and working Days Of The Week pick up lines that always work fast, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Days Of The Week tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Ash Wednesday is coming up.

    Is it a sin that you stole my heart?

  2. If you were a Black Friday sale, you'd be a door buster.

  3. You look this good and its only Saturday? I’d like to see you in your Sunday Best.

  4. I'd love to say a prayer before a meal with you sometime. How's Saturday at 7?

  5. Cyber Monday sale. My house. You and I. All clothes will be 100% off.

  6. It's supposed to snow on Friday night. What are you doing?

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Every day about 60-70% of the posts on this sub are teenagers or people with terrible puns posting their pick-up lines. Most of them aren’t even lines, just s**... phrases thrown in to seem like one. Scroll down the past week to see what I mean.

May I take you to dinner? Next Monday would be best because that's when my social security check arrives.

Can you bring your feelings for me to church Tuesday night? Because im pretty sure the feelings mutual!

I’m going to be around you a lot. Days, nights, weekends, holidays...

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I think we should go out on Tuesday so that way I can relive it over and over again.

I'll donate my giant to you any day of the week.

I treated this relationship like my diet, one cheat day a week.

days of the week Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Hey easy like Sunday morning?

Happy Flash'em Friday! If you are happy and you know it show me your boobs!

Are you Monday? Because you can suck my dick.

Hey baby, my name is d**.... Wanna s**... my Richard? Happy Suckday!

Hey, I’d love to say a prayer before a meal with you sometime? How about Saturday at 8:00?

Freaky Friday! h**... I'm just glad it's Friday.

days of the week pickup line
Working Days Of The Week tinder opener

Thinking about the vocation of marriage? You should come and see me for a discernment weekend.

days of the week Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

Bone of my bone. Flesh of my flesh. What are you doing Friday night?

Hey baby, if being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged. Happy Sexyday!

You're not doing anything Saturday the 28th, I see. We can get together after you see Glen, at 1:00.

There’s a basketball game on Saturday.

Want to go?

Gurl, do u know which day u are in a week?
Sunday, coz u're a blessing!

Wanna come over Friday night and till my fields?

Are you my Test in a week?

Cause I'm not ready yet but I'm gonna do you some day.

I'm Jason and I won't stop til you're mine like it's Friday the 13th.

You remind me of my bedroom

The rug could use a cleaning and you look dirty, but I'd still spend 7 days a week in you.

So, my parents won't be around this weekend... or ever.

Hey girl are you down syndrome?

Cause' I'd take those genes off you any day if the week!

Didn't you know it is Flash them Friday? You can flash me NOW!

days of the week Pickup Lines to Make Her Blush

Do you want to go out on Friday? Also, can you pick me up? I will be drunk.

Hey baby, I wanna get freaky with you! Happy Freakday!

Wanna get a taste of free tap friday?

I'm so glad this work day is over. I'm ready for the weekend. Hurry up Friday!

If ya got them, Flaunt them! It's Flash Friday!

Are you Saturday? Because we are going to party all night.

Hey glad you made it through the week, because it is sexy Saturday!

Hey Sexy, what is your plan for this Saturday?

Are you Friday? Because I am ready to f**... in love with you.

Happy Sexy Saturday!

I love dirty tuesday!

Without you everyday is Monday.

It’s Fleet Week! Wanna have a one-night stand… seven times?

Be my date and I'll #FollowFriday you every day of the week.

If you go out with me, I promise I'll #FF FollowFriday you every day of the week!

I think every week should have a day in it when boys give presents to girls.

Use only working piropos and frases de cantadas for girls and hombres. Note that dirty phrases are funny, but don't use them in real life. In practice, saying smooth Days Of The Week phrases to someone you haven't Picked Up yet is usually just creepy.