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Top 50 Presidents Day Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Presidents Day pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Presidents Day conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. I need to give myself a Presidential Pardon for what I am thinking about doing to you.

  2. My booty call doesn't do the walk of shame, she does the trail of tears.

  3. I want to give a state of the union on your capitol hills.

  4. I'd like to trickle down on her.

  5. I'm gonna Barrack your world.

  6. I'm Jimmy Carter in the streets and John F. Kennedy in the sheets.

  7. I'm Baberham Lincoln and I'm here to emancipate your body from those clothes.

  8. You ever wonder why they also named the vacuum a Hoover? Wanna find out?

  9. Next!

  10. Hey baby, want to see my Washington monument?

presidents day pickup line
What is a Presidents Day pickup line?

Working presidents day pickup lines

I've got a cherry for you, Georgie.

Girl, you must be Harry Truman because you dropped a bomb on my heart.

Hey Baby. Nobody has more counties named after them than I do.

Hey girl...wanna see my top hat?

presidents day pickup line
This is a funny Presidents Day pickup line!

Girl, let me be the Bill Clinton to your Monica Lewinsky.

Hey girl, you Abraham Lincoln cause I really wanna save our Union.

You know, I just don’t know what I wouldn’t do right now for a really good cigar clip.

Are you George Washington because I could see wood in your mouth.

Girl, you ever spend a night at the Watergate? Cuz I wanna spy on you like Richard Nixon.

Girl, you know what they say: kiss with an ex is like serving 2 nonconsecutive presidential terms!

I'd like to go to work in your oval office.

Is your name George Washington? Cuz you definitely need some wood in your mouth.

presidents day pickup line
Working Presidents Day tinder opener

You won't be the first cherry tree I've chopped.

Hey girl have you ever experienced revolution firsthand? No? You wanna get out of here?

A night with me is so life-changing, you'll refer to it as the Revolutionary War.

Hello, my name is Bill Clinton.

I cannot tell a lie. That woman you saw me with is Martha, my sister.

Baby, you stop my heart like Teddy's speech stops a bullet.

That Marilyn was pretty but let me show you why this Monroe is the original kiss bomb.

My dear I would duel for the honor of kissing you. Especially if you were a relative.

I like your "Bernie for President" T-shirt. I bet it would look great on the floor next to my bed.

I'm like FDR. I don't even need my legs to get things done.

Hey sweetheart, that dress would look even hotter with my stain on it.