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110 Arrest Pick Up lines And Rizz

Use these arrest pick up lines to help you pick up guys or girls at the police stations or jails. Take advantage of these funny and cheesy arrest pick up lines. Hope these will work for you!

Best Working Arrest Rizz

A good Arrest pick up lines that are sure to melt your crush's heart !

  1. I’m a cop and you’re under arrest

    ...for being too cute. Put your hands where I can hold them

  2. Hey girl are you an Islamic fundamentalist?

    Cause if so why are you unveiled. Sharia Law states at a publicly indecent woman can be subject to eternal home arrest by her closest male relative if deemed necessary.

  3. Hey girl are you from Tennessee

    Because you have an outstanding warrant out for your arrest

  4. Do I have to arrest u to get u to love me?

  5. Your under arrest for not giving me your number.

  6. Ma’am, you’re under arrest.

    Her: Why??
    You: No reason, I just really want to put you in handcuffs.

arrest pickup line
What is a good Arrest pickup line?

Here are 110 arrest pick up lines for her and flirty arrest rizz lines for guys. These are funny pick up lines that are smooth and cute, best working to start a chat at Tinder or Bumble and eleveate your arrest rizz. Impress the girls with cheesy and corny arrest pick-up lines, sweet love messages or a flirty arrest joke for a great chat response.

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Short and cute arrest pickup lines to impress a girl

Using a spicy and corny pick-up lines about arrest are guaranteed to work. But a sweet love message at Bumble, or a romantic comebacks are always welcome.

I don't wanna stop protesting...but you're absolutely arresting.

Girl, you are under arrest for...taking my breath away.

If I'd be a police officer, I would arrest you

For stealing my heart

Girl are you a cop?

Because you just arrested my heart

arrest pickup line
Smooth Arrest pickup line

"Excuse me, miss. But is your job arresting hearts? Because you've got mine in custody."

"The way your style merges with your aesthetic is pure artistry. It's criminally sexy, have you been arrested yet?"

"Did your abs get a police permit, cause they're dangerously arresting and making my heartbeat go wild."

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Cheesy arrest Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

"Your lips, like a sonnet, my heart they arrest; with a kiss from your tongue, sweetheart, I feel blessed."

"Is it a crime to steal hearts? Because you've just arrested mine with that officer look."

"Is it illegal to steal hearts? Because you're under arrest for stealing mine with that uniform."

"Do you have a name or can I call you mine after you've arrested my heart?"

"Is your patience I'm testing, or just love manifesting? Your beauty, darling, is truly arresting."

"Under arrest? I must be because it's a crime for anyone to be as attractive and captivating as you are."

arrest pickup line
Working Arrest tinder opener

Hey girl, did you know I got arrested in high school?

For bringing two guns and a six pack to school.
*flexes tiny muscles*

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Funny arrest Love Messages to Start a Conversation at Tinder

Try using funny and charming Arrest conversation starters, sweet messages, love texts and comebacks for sticky moments in Tinder and chat.

"With those arresting looks, you could handcuff my heart and lock it up forever."

"If I told you that 'take care, bye bye' was just code for 'you've stolen my heart', would you arrest me?"

"Is your bodyguarding license also a permit to steal hearts? Because you've just arrested mine."

"Is your uniform tailor-made? Because everything about you is arresting, especially that chiseled body of yours."

"You must be a cop, because you just arrested my heart with those killer abs."

"Your captivating snapshot just froze my app, or maybe it was your arresting allure doing the magic."

"Is it illegal to be that gorgeous? Because your beauty is so arresting, it makes all my pain disappear."

"Are you a magician? Because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears and it's just you who arrests my attention."

"Are you carrying a gun, or is your beauty just so arresting it should be illegal?"

"Are you on duty? Because my heart is under arrest with your stunning beauty."

"Officer, is it illegal to be dangerously attractive? Because your chiseled muscles should definitely be under arrest."

"Are you a police officer? Because every time I look at you, my heart feels like it's under arrest."

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Clever arrest Pickup Lines for Bumble

Using good and clever Arrest hook up line can work magic when trying to make a good impression.

"Is it illegal to look that good in uniform? Because you're arresting my heart, officer."

"Wow, you sure know how to make a girl feel special. With that charm, you must be beating them off with a stick!"

"Is it illegal to look that good? If so, I'm ready for you to arrest my heart and keep the key."

"Ever been arrested by a six-pack before? Because my abs have a warrant for your heart's arrest."

"Do you always flash your abs, officer? Because you've got me under arrest with that body of yours."

"Is it legal how your beauty arrests my heart every time I see you?"

"You under arrest, because every time you flex, my heart beats faster than the speed limit."

"Is it illegal to steal hearts? Because you're under arrest for taking mine at first sight, Officer."

"Just like cocaine, I find you instantly addictive. Good thing, love is the only drug I can't get arrested for!"

"You're more arresting than the Mona Lisa, can I be your Da Vinci and make our own masterpiece together?"

"Wow, such bold words! But I guess the mirror can be our harshest critic sometimes, right?"

"Excuse me Miss, is it a crime to steal hearts? Because you just put mine under arrest."

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Smooth arrest Rizz Lines To Get Her Number

Using these smooth Arrest pickup lines make her give you her number.

"Oh really? Well, they always told me beauty is subjective. Guess they were right after all 😉"

"Is there a warrant out for your arrest? Because you've clearly been stealing hearts left and right."

Excuse me ms, I'm going to arrest you for disturbing the peace... in my pants !!

"Need a partner in crime? I promise I won't resist arrest with abs like that."

"Your beauty must be a crime, because it's absolutely arresting and I'm willing to serve the time."

"Are you a policewoman? Because every time I look at you, I feel like I'm under arrest."

"Well, I can't promise good behavior, but I do promise it'll be worth every minute of your 'sentence'."

"Ever use your handcuffs for fun, officer? Because I'd love to be under your arresting charm."

"If sweetness was a crime, you'd arrest me on the spot. How about we turn this sweetness into something sizzling hot?"

"Am I under arrest? Because it's a crime how stunningly beautiful you look in that uniform."

"You must be a cop, because you've stolen my heart and put my feelings under arrest."

"Got handcuffs? Because your biceps are arresting my attention and I don't mind being detained."

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Flirty arrest Pickup Lines To Use on Guys

These flirty Arrest pick up lines are made to get him interested.

"You must be a thief because you've just swiped my heart away, Officer."

"Are you a police officer? Because you've got fine written all over you, making my heart feel arrested."

"Did you get arrested earlier? Because it must be illegal to steal hearts with that gorgeous smile of yours."

"Your handcuffs or mine tonight, officer? Either way, you've already arrested my heart."

"Is that a pistol in your holster or are you just happy to see me? Either way, you've just arrested my heart."

"Babe, if every time you sent $99, my heart skipped a beat, I'd be perpetually in cardiac arrest."

"Are you a cop? Because I can't resist your arresting beauty."

"You must be the law of attraction because with those chiseled abs, you've got me under arrest."

"Kanachan, are you a policewoman? 'Cause your beauty just arrested my heart and I am willing to be the delightful prisoner."

"Your beauty is a crime of distraction, too hot and cute. Is it inappropriate to be arrested by your charm?"

"I must be a wanted man, because every time I look in your eyes, I feel like I'm under arrest."

"Is it a crime to steal hearts? Because you've just arrested mine, officer."

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Cringe arrest Pickup Lines For Your Girlfriend

"Is it illegal to be dangerously cute? Because you might need to arrest me with those powerful muscles."

"Ever considered arresting hearts? Because your muscles have already handcuffed mine."

"Ever been arrested by a man with killer abs? Cause I can make your heart plead guilty for skipping a beat."

"Ever been arrested for stealing hearts? Because you've got my heart under lock and key with that smile."

"Hey Siri, please dial the police, because this girl just arrested my heart with her charming smile."

"If flirting is a crime, then arrest me, cause your hotness makes it impossible to obey the law."

"Barbara, you light up every room with your smile. How about we turn down the lights and let our heartbeats do the talking?"

3. "Officer Yi, you're so arresting even when you're off duty. Mind teaching me some discipline tonight?"

4. "Plum, you might be in adult films but it's your Oscar-worthy performance that has captivated me."

"Are those handcuffs or are you just happy to see me? Because either way, I'd let you arrest my heart."

Strawberry Fields: "If you attempt to flee, I will arrest you, drop you off at the jail, and take you to the plane in chains, understand?" James Bond: "Perfectly. After you." Mathis: "I think she has handcuffs." James Bond: "I hope so."

"I must be a suspect, because your chiseled looks got me surrendering my heart under arrest."

"Ever tried handcuffs in a different scenario, officer? Because you're arresting my heart tonight."

"Excuse me, officer, but it must be illegal to look as stunning as you, can I be your next arrest?"

In Conclusion

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Arrest love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty Arrest chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.

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