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Top 30 Bust Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and working Bust pick up lines that always work fast, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Bust tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Are you the capitol?

    Because I wanna bust inside you

  2. I wanna bust that body; ooh yeah, ooh yeah.

  3. Are you a blackjack dealer?

    Because you're about to make me bust

  4. I'm not here to bust you... I'm here for your bust.

  5. If you and I were both squirrels, could I bust a nut in your hole?


  6. Wanna know the difference between me and a delicious tide pod?

    You won’t die when I bust in your mouth

bust pickup line
What is a Bust pickup line?

Working short bust pickup lines to impress a girl

Are you standing full? Because I would bust you any time.

Are you a nutcracker?

Because I want to bust a nut in your mouth.

Call me pop rocks, because i’m going to be busting flavors in your mouth.

if I polymorphed us both into squirrels could I bust a nut in your hole?"

bust pickup line
This is a funny Bust pickup line!

*bust in a chick's mouth with braces..

Now my kids behind bars

Are you a nut cracker
'Cause I want to bust a nut in you

Let's pretend we're squirrels... I can bust a nut in your hole

bust Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

I'm your appendix.

I don't know why I'm here, there's no use for me, I'm just gonna bust inside of you then skidaddle.

I feel like this was already done my now but..

You can call me a twisted tea

Cause I’ll bust on your face

If you and I were squirrels, could I bust a nut in your hole?

Are you a blackjack table?

Because you make me wanna hit til I bust.

Are you a local business in Minneapolis?

Because I wanna bust inside you and rearrange your insides

If I was a squirrel

Could I bust a nut in your bush?

bust pickup line
Working Bust tinder opener

You have the right to remain sexy

Anything you do can and will make me BUST A NUT

bust Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

You can call me popping candy

Because I wanna bust in your mouth

Hey girl, are you candace?

‘Cause you’re gonna get me busted

You Can Call Me a Model 3682 Air Data Calibrator

Cause I’m about to bust a King Nut.

Are you a nutcracker?

Because you busted my nut

Are you my rival gang?
Cuz you make my gat bust

Hi im a cop that arrests the mentally deranged

my job to bust a nut , and your under arrest.

I hear cops like a big bust.

You hungry? Ha I am..bust that p*ssy open for me

Use only working piropos and frases de cantadas for girls and hombres. Note that dirty phrases are funny, but don't use them in real life. In practice, saying smooth Bust phrases to someone you haven't Picked Up yet is usually just creepy.