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Top 38 Broke Pick Up lines

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  1. *Bites ice in half and spits it onto the table*

    Now that I broke the ice I can say it's nice to meet you I'm (state yours name)

  2. Can you take me to the doctor?

    Because i broke my leg falling for you ;)

  3. You're good, but so was MCR and they broke up.

  4. I beat the game

    I just told the girl: "Hey, i was thinking of a pickup line for a long time, but im just gonna be honest with you. I think that you are incredibly cute and wonder if youd want to hang out someday?"

    She answered with: "Haha, yes id love to"

    Guys i think i broke the game, maybe its a exploit in the newest update?

  5. I broke Abraham’s covenant with god, wanna see?

  6. What? You just broke up with your boyfriend? It’s ok, I know first aid for a broken heart.

  7. I think you broke the 7th Commandment, because you totally stole my heart!

  8. Baby, if you broke your leg and became a financially inviable investment, I'd never put you down.

  9. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven and broke your hip?

  10. Hey babe, you better call an ambulance. Cause I have fallen for you so hard that I think I broke my leg.

broke pickup line
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Funny broke pickup lines

I love to share, wanna stock broke me?

Hey girl, are you free tonight?

Cuz im broke...🥲

Can you bring me to the doctor

Because i broke my leg falling for you

Heavy metal broke my heart, will you mend it?

broke pickup line
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My old bed broke

Can I sleep in yours instead?

My bbq broke mind helping out?
Cause you are smoking hot.

Are you the imposter? Because you just broke me.

He thinks he just broke up with his imaginary girlfriend.

Hey, Could you take me to the doctors?

Because I accidentally broke my leg falling for you.

I heard you broke up with your bae

You deserve butter. Cuz you're such a cutie pie

Are you in my world?

Cuz I wanna see your coordinates and see your diamonds please I’m broke and someone griefed my house and stole my diamond

Any lines for a guy in a cast?

Broke my wrist and ended up in a cast. Wonderin if you guys have any lines that are cast related?

broke pickup line
Working Broke tinder opener

I broke my bed

Can i sleep in yours?

Sorry, I’m broke so I can’t buy you anything

But you can have my virginity

I think I broke my arm falling for you

But I’ll still be there to pick you up. 6:00 okay?

Hey girl,

I'm a mechanic. I understand your ex broke your smile. I can fix it if you would let me.

You know that Ralph broke the internet...

Lemme tell you, tonight my Ralph's gonna break your bed

- Day 59

My G-string just broke, can I borrow yours?

Black Friday = Broke Saturday

Being broke sucks. Let me buy you a drink

You shouldn't care that I'm broke. Didn't you see Titanic, the poor people had way more fun, up until they all drowned.

I think I just broke the omer. Because when I saw you my heart sang.

I hope this campus has a great medical center, because I broke my arm falling for you.