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Top 42 Messed Up Pick Up lines

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  1. What's a nice girl like you doing in a ripped apart bloody mess like this?

  2. You look like a rebel. Wanna mess with government property?

  3. I must be a Rubik's cube

    Because the more you mess with me, the harder I get.

  4. Are you that scene I messed up? Because I can't stop thinking about you.

  5. I saw you unwinding that mess of earbuds so gracefully.

  6. Who’s ya hair dresser? Tell her I apologize for messing up her work!

  7. Girl are you cholesterol?

    Cuz your messing with my heart

  8. Are you that line i just brutally messed up? because i can't stop thinking about you.

  9. I won't mess with our leading until we are married.

  10. Nice hair, wanna mess it up?

messed up pickup line
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Funny messed up pickup lines

I usually say...
I usually say a stupid pickup line but I don't want to mess this up.

We can make a mess as I've hired some lysosomes to clean up after.

I’m gonna have to call whoever compiles dictionaries

Because if they don’t mention you, they’re messing up the definition of beautiful.

"Do you ever just lie down at night, look up at the stars and think about all the messed up things in the world? Like why is there a 'D' in 'fridge' but no 'D' in 'refrigerator'?"

messed up pickup line
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Are you an optical illusion

Because your looks are messing with my head

What do you say to a girl who superliked you?
I don't want to mess it up

Are you the US riots going on right now?

‘Cause you make me want to smash, though I know we will all regret the mess it brings after.

Violets are Red, Roses are Blue

Fuck I messed it up!

Hey girl, did you fall from heaven?

... Cause that would explain why your face is so messed up

I am a cyclone boy that can mess you up on the inside.

What's the number of days you've been self-isolating? I am a 14 and let's mess around.

So here's something that i thought of and hi, i'm new here!

So, there was a thought about a few days ago which i figured could possibly work as a pick-up line if changed a bit, as for that thought/possible pick-up line if changed a bit, here it is:

"Regular" version: "Isn't mascara, ear-rings lipstick and the like kind of dumb/stupid/unnecessary?

"Pick-up line" version: "Don't you think that mascara, ear-rings, lipstick and the like is kind of dumb/stupid/unnecessary?
"As for why i think so it's because it just messes with your skin and i don't think there's any reason as to why you should mess with perfection so i can't understand why you have **insert whichever one/ones of mascara, ear-rings, lipstick and the like that the person has on here** on.

messed up pickup line
Working Messed Up tinder opener

Probably not helpful unless you’re interested in a history buff with messed up humor.

Hey mamma, I’d go Oedipus for you.

Hey girl are you a bath?

Because i want to have a toaster with you.
Damn i messed it up again

Hey baby, are you chewing gum?

Because I wanna eat you until you're a wet mess

Did you fall from heaven

Cause your face is pretty messed up

I'd die a million times for you even if it mess up my K/D ratio.

Your senses must be messed up, because your eyes are talking to me.

I would love you even if you messed up my sock index.

Even though it would mess up my K/D ratio, I'd die a million deaths if it meant I could be with you.

Let's not mess with nature. We are here to make babies. So, let's get to it.

Do you have a boyfriend? (Yes) Do you mess around? (No) Would you hold still while I do?

Did you hear about Pluto? That's messed up, right?