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Top 50 Pound Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Pound pick up lines that always work, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Pound tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Call me Mark Buehrle because I’m gonna pound it in your zone all night and not give you any time to get out of the box

  2. You look good with a few extra pounds on you.

  3. Is that canon fire, or is it my heart pounding?

  4. My lady, I'd pound you with my hammer any day.

  5. Hey, baby, wanna learn the sweet science and do a little ground and pound?

  6. I’m jealous of your heart right now. Because it’s pounding inside you and I’m not.

  7. I want to pound you like I pound the asphalt: For hours until it hurts.

  8. You wanna experience some ground and pound?

  9. Recently lost 25 pounds had the confidence and dropped a line the other day.

    I was checking out at a grocery store, there was a nice look lady in front of me seemed to be my age and the cashier didn't see her cart she asked if we were together, (she didn't see the little separator stick) I replied "We aren't yet", got a laugh and a number !!! BOOYAH!

  10. Is your name Penny?

    Because I'm in for a Penny, and youre in for a pound.

pound pickup line
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Working pound pickup lines

Hey, how about you let me take you down to the ground and let me pound you?

I wanna pound you the way the ocean pounds the surf.

Was that cannon fire, or is it my heart pounding? from "Casablanca"

I'm gonna call you volvagia, because I'm gonna pound your face with my megaton hammer.

pound pickup line
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How about you let me take you down and ground and pound you?

I’d like to pound you with my hammer.

I can pound you harder than Tyreese with a hammer.

If you were a lemon, I would pound on you until lemonade comes out.

Hey girl you should be a blacksmith

I'll be the anvil you pound me all day

Hey, so I play drums for a living if you want a good pound.

Whenever I see you, I feel calm and less stressed

Buddhist Monks say that if you meet someone,and your heart pounds and knees become weak and your hand shakes, they aren't the one

When you meet your soulmate, you'll feel calm with no anxiety or agitation whatsoever

Wanna learn the sweet moves and do a little ground and pound?

pound pickup line
Working Pound tinder opener

Let's put together avocados. Pound and guac a good time.

I'm jealous of your heart

Because it's over there just pounding away inside you and I'm not

Hey girl, are you the British economy?

Because I’ve got a plan to give you a weak pound.

Are you a treadmill?

My heart pounds whenever I use you.

Are you a heart?

Cause i want you pounding inside me.

You could really stand to lose 5-10 pounds.

Take off all your clothes, that should do it.

Girl, you remind me of a treadmill

Coz you make my heart pound

Do you want to help me make a schnitzel?

You can pound my meat

Once I bent down to pet a small dog and hey, it was a 5 pound squirrels.

Are you British?

Cuz You look like someone who needs some pounds

You: Would you rather eat 100 pounds of bricks or a matter baby?

Someone: What's a matter baby?

You: Nothing, sweetie. How about you?