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Top 42 Dollar Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Dollar pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. If I had a dollar for every time you're in my head

    I'll have none,
    Cause you went straight to my heart

  2. If I had a dollar for everytime I think of you.... I would have a dollar

    Coz you never leave my mind.

  3. If I had a dollar every time I thought of you...

    I'd have only one, because you never left my mind.

  4. If i had 4 quarters for the 4 prettiest whamen *ahem* women in the world.....

    You'd have a dollar

  5. Feeling like a million dollars is overrated, you could feel a billion dollars tonight.

  6. With you in my life, who needs a million dollars? I already have that.

  7. If I had a dollar for every person I saw as beautiful as you, I would have exactly one dollar.

  8. If I had a dollar every time I thought of you, I'd have a high tax bracket.

  9. Hey girl, wanna come watch this 39" tv and these 5 dollar movies tonight?

  10. I bet you a dollar I can kiss you on the mouth without touching your lips

    *kisses her on the lips* - I guess I owe you a dollar

dollar pickup line
What is a Dollar pickup line?

Funny dollar pickup lines

Have you ever dreamed of a small loan of a million dollars?

If I had a dollar...

If I had a dollar for everytime I thought about you

I would have a dollar

Cuz you've never left my mind

Are you a Prime Time Player baby? Because you're worth millions of dollars.

If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you...

I’d only have one because I’m always thinking about you

dollar pickup line
This is a funny Dollar pickup line!

Roses are red!!

Dollar is money, If I am bee, will you be my honey?

The Koch brothers bet me a million dollars! couldn’t strike up a conversation with the most beautiful girl here. Wanna buy some votes with their money? (Ted Cruz)

Girl, you must must be 1 million dollars

Cuz I'm sure I'll never have that

If I had a dollar for everytime I thought of you

I’d have $1 because I never stop thinking about you:)

Are you a parking ticket?

Cuz I wanna hold onto you for years until it costs me thousands of dollars.

If I had four quarters for each of the most beautiful people in this world...

You’d be a dollar richer.

Anyone ever say you remind them of a desk stuffed with miscellaneous paperwork and a hundred dollar bill that they have a faint memory of storing away years ago?

Because I want to rifle through your drawers.

Do you take payment

Do you take payment in dollars or inches?

dollar pickup line
Working Dollar tinder opener

If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you...

I'd have a dollar, because you never leave my mind.

Are you Donald Trump?

Because you look like a small loan of a million dollars.

What is the difference between a Lamborghini and a boner..

I don't have a billion dollars

Hey girl, do you know the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean?

I've never paid 300 dollars to have a garbanzo bean on my face.

What food makes women lose their sex drive, gain 100 pounds and costs 35 thousand dollars?

Wedding cake.

Your body is so out of this world...

I need a billion dollars and a falcon heavy to get in uranus.

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What are some of the most amazing wired type of questions to ask a woman that you know ?

For instance wired questions such as What would you do if you had to spent a million dollars in a week , and stuff like that

\-Thanks !

Put a dollar bill on your head and when he asks what you did that for tell him its all you can eat for under a dollar

If I had a dollar for every chick I'd seen as hot as you… I'd have one dollar!!

Let me rub you down with hot oil, and I’ll give you something special off my Dollar Menu.

Hey, I know you. Yeah, you're the woman with the million dollar smile.