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Top 50 Pounds Pick Up lines

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  1. Call me Mark Buehrle because I’m gonna pound it in your zone all night and not give you any time to get out of the box

  2. You look good with a few extra pounds on you.

  3. Is that canon fire, or is it my heart pounding?

  4. My lady, I'd pound you with my hammer any day.

  5. Hey, baby, wanna learn the sweet science and do a little ground and pound?

  6. I want to pound you like I pound the asphalt: For hours until it hurts.

  7. You wanna experience some ground and pound?

  8. Recently lost 25 pounds had the confidence and dropped a line the other day.

    I was checking out at a grocery store, there was a nice look lady in front of me seemed to be my age and the cashier didn't see her cart she asked if we were together, (she didn't see the little separator stick) I replied "We aren't yet", got a laugh and a number !!! BOOYAH!

  9. Hey, how about you let me take you down to the ground and let me pound you?

  10. I wanna pound you the way the ocean pounds the surf.

pounds pickup line
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Was that cannon fire, or is it my heart pounding? from "Casablanca"

I'm gonna call you volvagia, because I'm gonna pound your face with my megaton hammer.

Hey are you the British economy?

Because I want to give you a weak pound.

I’d like to pound you with my hammer.

pounds pickup line
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Are you a treadmill?

My heart pounds whenever I use you.

Hey girl, are you the British economy?
Because I’ve got a plan to give you a weak pound.

Are you a heart?

Cause i want you pounding inside me.

Girl, you remind me of a treadmill

Coz you make my heart pound

Once I bent down to pet a small dog and hey, it was a 5 pound squirrels.

You: Would you rather eat 100 pounds of bricks or a matter baby?

Someone: What's a matter baby?

You: Nothing, sweetie. How about you?

Hey girl. I think you may be a building scheduled for demolition

Because I would like to pound you until you collapse ;)

Do you wanna see my NUGGETS? I'd POUND you with my Piplup.

pounds pickup line
Working Pounds tinder opener

Hey girl, are you on a diet?

Because you could seriously afford to lose a few pounds.

Hey, are you McDonald's?

'Cause I would like a Quarter Pounding ;)

Are you a nail?

Because I’d like to pound you in all the wrong places.

Heyy Girl, You Hungry?

Coz omelette you chow on this 10 pound meat

Call me a shopping trolley...

Cause give me a pound and I’ll give you a ride

Hey girl/boy? Are you ice age baby?

Cuz I wanna pound you all night long.

Do you need childline?

Coz daddy's gonna pound you tonight.

What food makes women lose their sex drive, gain 100 pounds and costs 35 thousand dollars?

Wedding cake.

I'm jealous of your heart...

Because it's pounding inside of you and I'm not.

Are you a heart?

Because I want you pounding inside me.

Thought of this in English class yesterday and my friend loved it.

Wanna go on a trip?

Cause there's a wonderful place called Pound Town I can take you to.