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Top 8 Newton Pick Up lines

Do you want some newton pick up lines? Flirt with your loved one or crush with the best pick up lines with newton. Impress and make your loved one smile with these pick up lines about newton.

  1. Excuse me, but I’m really attracted to you and according to Newton’s laws of gravitation, you’re attracted to me too.

  2. I'm really attracted to you, and according to Newton's law of gravitation, you're attracted to me too :)

    [for nerds]

  3. If i were a newton, i would've proposed you cause you're my first law

  4. Are you Newton’s force of gravity

    Cause you’re always attractive

  5. Hey, are you Newton?

    Cuz im the apple that fell for you

  6. Hey, are you Newton?

    Cause I am the Apple to hit on you.

  7. Hey, If you were Newton.

    I would be the fallen apple to hit you.

  8. Ever wanted to see Metropolis from the air? I could show you since you know, Cam Newton isn't the only Superman in town!

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