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Top 50 New Girl Pick Up lines

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  1. Girl are you a new business cuz im definitely gonna p**... you.

  2. Hey, let me feel your heartbeat, girl. Is that gonna be a new thing?

  3. Girl is your kiss the new Snapchat filter?

    Cause i would love it on my face

  4. Girl, you're like a New York City skyscraper: I wanna shoot my sticky white stuff all over you.

  5. Is your name Alice Hardy because I'm gonna be tearing you a new one.

  6. I need to me a new girl cuz im tired of doing it with my Hans Solo.

new girl pickup line
What is a New Girl pickup line?

Working short new girl pickup lines to impress a girl

Hey girl, I'm new to this area

Can you tell me where I am right now?

Girl: You're on 4th street.

Me: I see, and how do I get into your pants from here?

Hey Girl

Hey girl are you in the new smash brothers game because I want to smash your brother.

Hey girl wanna see you new favorite necklace?

Gestures to right hand making a squeezing motion

Girl are you my new iPhone? Cause I can't stop staring at you in public.

new girl pickup line
This is a funny New Girl pickup line!

Girl, your skin is so smooth, and you smell good just like some new shoes. (Pillow Talk)

Girl are you a newspaper?
Because there’s a new issue with you every single day.

(Disclaimer: not an original pickup line, found it elsewhere on Reddit)

Girl, are you looking for a cell phone plan? Because my family plan got a new line for you.

new girl Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Girl, you grant my dead dragon into new strengths.

A steering wheel in the shape of a boob.

I'm like a sexual snowflake, you never know what you're going to get!

Girl, would you be interested to complete the f**... Objective to unlock the new trophy?

“i think we have great chemistry.. wanna add some romance?”

“are you a skater boy? cause i wanna see ya later, boy”

“i’m in the business of misery. wanna join?”

“i heard you like blink-182. wanna make first date a reality?”

“have you heard the news that you’re dead? cause only angels look this beautiful.”

“if i bring you my bullets, will you give me your love?”

“if you take me home, i’d be your king for a day.”

“i wanna be your black veil bride.”

“do you have a girlfriend? if so, i think you need a new one.”

“you wanna join the black parade with me?”

“you look like the kind of person i’d write a song about.”

“this place is boring. wanna be my escape?”

“don’t mean to change the topic, but i think you’re kind of hot.”

“i heard good girls like bad guys. wanna test that theory out?”

The economy stinks, bees are dying, and movies are pretty much all sequels now.

new girl pickup line
Working New Girl tinder opener

Damn girl are you a family of 4 in Albuquerque New Mexico

Because I want to eat your flesh and bury the remains in an unmarked location

new girl Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

Ae girl, are you the new Covid-19 vaccine?

Cause i have heard everyone is after you!

Hey girl are you a new house?

Cause I wanna lay some hard wood inside you!!

Hey girl are you my new anime plot?

Because u have HUMOUNGOUS


I didnt know Angel's needed part time jobs

Said this to the new girl at work back when we were in highschool. She had a good laugh.

Hey girl, If you were a president you’d be Babe-raham Lincoln.
Credit goes to Garth from Wayne’s world for that one, who has hair in new places.

Best First Text To Girls On Dating App

I'm a man and looking for a long term relationship and it is kind of brain storm to comeup up with a new customized one for every single profile. Besides, we can't expect everyone to respond or even look at it.

What are someof your best pickup lines for girls on a dating app ?

For a girl named Lara

I was thinking of something with fartha since people in New York talk like that

Hey girl, are you considering taking any new medications?

Cause I think you should consult a doctor before you may become pregnant.

Hey Girl are you a NewPaper

Because There is a new thing I learn from you every single day

Girl are you the new Tesla model...

Because you may be young but you look pretty old

Night games in a bar setting

So I downloaded TicTacToe to play to play in a bar setting but Quickly got bored.

So I’m looking for some other options in order to engage a new girl I just met.

Girl are you a newspaper?

Because there's a new issue with you everyday.

new girl Pickup Lines to Make Her Blush

Well. I guess I can't hide my crazy.

Where did all that hair come from? You're a lioness!

Who's that girl (or boy)? It's you as my new main squeeze.

Yo girl. What yo name is?

You don't know it yet, but you're my boo.

I love mango chutney, really any type of chutney...

You got hurt, that doesn't mean you stop trying.

You might give my n**... that purpose they've been looking for.

You're so cute, you might make me leave my cat Ferguson.

You're wild, but I'd never White Fang you.


Girl, your skin is so smooth, and you smell good just like some new shoes.

Hey girl, you really rocked that new seating arrangement – way to separate the talkers.

Hey girl! You really rocked that new seating arrangement-way to separate the walkers.

Girl you must have so many people wanting you, well, consider a new fighter joins the battle today!

Alright girls, which one of you ordered a male stripper?

Choose only well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain New Girl phrases are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life. It is often awkward using smooth New Girl lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.