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Top 39 Chick Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Chick pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Chick conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Hey, do you know how a computer science major gets a chicks number?

    Idk but I tried googling it

  2. Are you a N95 mask?

    Cause I want you to sit on my face till I can't breath

    Yo guys I just made this post to say that I just got nudes from this fine chick with all the pick-up lines from this subreddit. There's gonna be a lot more people like me. just here to thank the community.

  3. So you chicks wanna see my 8 inch discus or what?

  4. You don’t sweat much for a fat chick.

  5. Hey boy, are you working in a ranch?

    Cuz thats how you pick up chicks.

  6. Man: Hey, come on, we're both here at this bar for the same reason! Woman: Yeah! To pick up some chicks!

  7. Yeah, I mean... Technically I'm an apatosaurus, but the chicks call me The Lickalotopuss.

  8. Are you a flight of margaritas?

    Cause I wanna split you with the hottest chick I know.

  9. Are you a school?

    Cuz i wanna shoot some kids inside you
    (Works only for unorthodox bad-ass chicks)

  10. *bust in a chick's mouth with braces..

    Now my kids behind bars

chick pickup line
What is a Chick pickup line?

Funny chick pickup lines

Do you believe in love at first hear? Because I've never dated a blind chick before.

Hey girl, what's a nice chick like you doing in a confession line like this?

Are you a international poultry thief?

Because you must steal all the chicks

This one was for the ladies

How to respond

Some chick I’ve been hitting on told me to try harder. How should I respond?

chick pickup line
This is a funny Chick pickup line!

Are you a Chick-fil-A customer because it’d be my pleasure to serve you.

How do you impress a hot computer nerd chick sitting over at the coffee shop?

“Are you an exception? Let me catch you.”

Nerdy one

My mother says...

There's no punchline here, just walk up to a chick at a bar and open the conversation by saying,

"My mother says I'm hung like a horse".

It's topical because of all the triple crown talk.

Sup baby, you must play Super Smash Brothers...

...cuz you look like a chick that just likes to smash brothas

Self created, don’t overuse please

Hey are you a cannibal? Because I want my kids in your mouth
(This won’t draw in everyone... but it does draw in a couple of fine chicks)

Hey girl, do you work out?

Because I don't date fat chicks.

Girl are you one of those chicks in Aerosmith songs?

Coz I can stay awake just to hear you breathing :)

Corona made you sick

I made you my chick

chick pickup line
Working Chick tinder opener

Any for Vivian?

I’m trying to kiss this chick pls help

Do you like hot chocolate? I like hot chicks.

You know, it ain't often that I see a lady buying pork rinds, and when I see a lady buying pork rinds, I says to myself, 'This is one chick I *got* to get to know better.

Hey Boo, I'd be your Ryde or Die chick in a heart beat.

What's your sign, baby? Mine's "No Fat Chicks."

I will be a Dixie Chick and you be my cowboy... now take me away!

If I had a dollar for every chick I'd seen as hot as you… I'd have one dollar!!

Chicks dig scars, eh? Well, just call me Major Sholto.

You’re a hot chick…pea eater.

Do you believe in love at first hear? Because ive never dated a blind chick before.

Eenie meenie miney mo. Catch a bad chick by her toe. If she holla let her go.