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  1. I dmed a girl and she took an entire day to reply

    Instead of letting my ego get in the way, I simply replied with
    “Mans so good at sliding into dms it left her speechless for a day”

    Trust me guys, it worked.

    Edit: Nvm guys she stopped texting again, ya boy failed :(

  2. He girl are mean are you...well............I'll go

    Day 1,363 

  3. I like my girls like my charging ports

    Next to my bed and always turned on.

  4. Damn girl, are you a blender?

    Because I want to put a baby in you.

  5. Damn girl, are you an unfunny meme?

    Coz I don't wanna share you with anyone

  6. Oh hey girl, is it your birthday today?

    Got me confused with all that cake you got there.

  7. Hey girl, are you communist?

    Cause I wanna seize your means of reproduction.

  8. Damn girl, are you good a video games?

    Because you just switched me to hard mode

  9. Hey girl are you the vaccine?

    Cause the whole World's chasing you

    - Day 73

  10. Damn girl, do you have a cold?

    Cause I can't stop looking ACHOO

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Damn girl your so cute,
That I’d suck your dads dick just to get the recipe

Hey girl, you a cop car?

Because I want to smash you until you can't move.

Hey girl are you Heinz?

'cause I'd like to ketchup with you sometimes.

Girl, are you a computer?

Because I've got a 3.5 inch floppy for you.

Hey girl are you history?

Because I'd love to go down on you.

Hey girl are you suicide

Because I think about you alot

Girl, you’re like the SAT
I’d do you for 3 hours and only stop for water breaks

Hey girl are you https

Because without you i’m just ://

Jesus turns water into wine

I can turn your girl into mine

Hey girl, are you an oven?

Cause I wanna melt inside you

Hey girl, are you a vaccuum?

Cuz I wanna turn you on until you start sucking

Hey girl, are you a mirror?

Cause I can see myself inside you

- Day 119

Hey girl, I would ask for Netflix and chill...

But, you look like you're into Stranger Things.

Damn girl, are you climate change?

Cause you’re hot as fuck but i don’t see a future between us

Hey girl, you are like earth.

Some people might say you're flat, but deep down we all know you have amazing curves.

*girl caresses ur face”

“is this seat taken”

Damn girl are you an upset woman?

Cause i think you’re fine

Damn girl, are you area 51?

Because I'd die to get inside you.

Yo girl,you must be anabolic steroids?

Cause you are making me big!

Hey girl, you make me want to be a pirate

Because that booty will be my treasure.

Hey girl are you a piñata

Because I’m going to beat you in front of the kids

My friends bet i can't talk to the prettiest girl

Wanna use their money to buy drinks?

Hey girl, are you gaumutra?

Because you are the solution to all my problems.

Hey girl are you today’s date?

Cause your a 1/10

Damn girl are you basic math

because im definitely going to fuck this up