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Top 35 Child Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Child pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Child conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Child, overclock my processor.

  2. Were I to impregnate you, in several years the child will purchase you flowers and chocolates. Deal?

  3. Good thing the one child policy is being revoked, because I want at least 9 with you.

  4. Are you a warm door handle in a burning building?

    Because I'm nervous about going in, but it's worth it for a child.

  5. Are you a child?

    Because I want to pedo-feel-ya

  6. Are you Freddy Fazbear? Because I wanna put a child in you.

  7. Are you a gorilla exhibit?

    Because I wanna drop my child in you

  8. Are you a child?

    Because I want you in my basement.

  9. How about I leave no child behind... in your womb!

  10. Don't worry my bed may be a twin...but

    I'm an only child

child pickup line
What is a Child pickup line?

Funny child pickup lines

Hey are you a shopping mall?
Cause you seem like a nice place to leave a child inside

I was a trouble child, always getting in and out of trouble.

And you sure look like trouble

I can show you exactly how to earn your income tax credit. Let’s leave this place and get started on that additional child tax credit

Are you a catholic priest?

Because I can scream like a child...

child pickup line
This is a funny Child pickup line!

I'm all for No Child Left Behind. I'm even more for your child-like behind.

I have always been a Problem child. Always in and out of troubles.
And you my lady sure look like good Trouble.

Please, put on a condom, I don’t want a child.

Girl, I will go so hard on you it will be an omelette.

When i was a child

When i was a child, girls hated me because i pulled their hair.

Funny how times change.

Are you from Tennessee?

Because you look like a child of incest.

Hey girl are you a playground

Because I want to put my child in you

Are you a child? nsfw

Cuz I wanna carve a hole in you and fill you up

What’s your name? My name is ….

I would never name my child a name like that.
Why not?
Because it would be the same as his mom’s.

child pickup line
Working Child tinder opener

I find that this strategy works quite well.

Basically if the person you me interested is female you simply walk up them and say BORE MY CHILD or the alternative for a female to a male is LET ME CARRY YOUR OFFSPRING. This seems to have the best effect when meeting strangers in the road that you haven’t met

Are you a blender?

Because I wanna put a child in you.

You have great child bearing hips.

If you see a woman walking up the road with a child or a baby stroller tell her you’ll go halves on another one.

You are so beautiful that I want to be reincarnated as your child.

Are you a child of Hermes? Because you've stolen my heart

You have the child-birthing hips that I have been looking for.

I, like a child, will go by your directions

You know, if we were to make love now, we could have a child before we get to the front of the line!

Baby how bout we leave this McDonald's and get started on that additional child tax credit?

You are so beautiful that I want to be reincarnated as your child so that I can breastfeed by you until I'm 5.